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Friday, January 17, 2003

MFN-Update: BALTIMORE, MD: 2nd Alarm dwelling fire at 4212 Lasalle Ave off Belair Rd. Command reports fire under control. Holding all for extensive overhaul. Searches (-). [MFN-HQ]. 12:05a.m.

Update - NORTH PROVIDENCE, RI: 2nd Alarm 434 Woonosquatucket Ave. Fire confined to 1 apartment on floor 2. OIC has placed the fire under control. Searches still in progress. *154.250*. C319 O/S. [TAC9-C51]. 12:09a.m.

STLFN: CENTREVILLE (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Midway FD has a working structure fire at 4420 N. 57th Street. M/A has been requested from Golden Gardens, Alorton, and Camp Jackson for a Tanker. Church Road FD is standing by in quarters. They have a report of someone possibly trapped. [STL819]. 2:44a.m.

STLFN: WENTZVILLE (ST. CHARLES Co.), MO: Wentzville FD has a working house fire at 944 White Fence Drive x Mexico Road. Visible fire reported on arrival. [STL819]. 3:29a.m.

HOLBROOK, MA: MVA at 624 South Street. Vehicle rollover - off road with entrapment. Jaws in use. *453.150* [TAC9-C461]. 3:42a.m.

ESFN: SUSSEX Co., DE: in area of 52 West Ave. Ocean View. Command 84 reports a working house fire. Evacuation tones being sounded - going to exterior attack. 1 occupant injured, unknown on severity. Fire Marshal and Power en route. Cover-ups established. [ESFN 8/51]. 5:19a.m.

LEVANT, ME: Working fire at 16 French Rd. Barn fire. Multiple M/A. *153.740* C411. [TAC9-C51]. 5:52a.m.

SOUTHINGTON TWP. (TRUMBULL Co.), OH: *2nd Alarm* 3980 Herr Fieldhouse Rd NW. A fully involved structure. M/A Engines + Tankers to the scene. Request for County FIU. NFI. [FPO/256*/D260](c). 6:42a.m.

SMITHFIELD, RI: MVA on Ridge Road. Rollover with entrapment. Jaws in use. *154.115* C51 [TAC9-C461]. 6:48a.m.

STLFN: CENTREVILLE (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: Midway FD - Update on the house fire at 420 N. 57th St (corrected address). *Fatal* fire in a 1-story frame. Smoke & fire showing partially thru roof. 10 year-old boy was found in bedroom. [STL997/819]. 7:39a.m.

NEW YORK, NY: FDNY has posted a vacancy notice for the title of Fire Alarm Dispatcher. There are 20 avail positions. Filing closes 1/29/03. For more info go to the FDNY web page: http://nyc.gov/html/fdny or http://www.fdny.org [MNS OFFICE]. 8:51a.m.

CALUMET CITY (COOK Co.), IL: a 3rd Alarm EMS Box #300 at 1901 State for the accident involving a School Bus and a Semi. [CHGO-5/3/236+/242+/253+]. 8:57a.m.

ST. LOUIS, MO: St. Louis FireNet congratulates the 20 new recruits graduating today from the Rob Morrison - Derek Martin Memorial Class of the St. Louis Fire Dept. We wish them a safe & rewarding career. [STLFN]. 9:48a.m.

MOUNT VERNON, NY: 2nd Alarm in the 500-block S. 10th St. Structure fire. M/A to cover. [EAN10]. 10:04a.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS MO - STLFD has a 1st Alarm for a house fire at #42 Henrietta Place. Heavy smoke showing on the 3rd floor of a 3-story brick. One line off. PUMPERS: 14, 11, 2, 1, 32, TL 2, Rescue Squad 1, BC802 & 801. [STL810]. 10:19a.m.

PLYMOUTH, MA: Working fire on Cardinal Drive an outside fire against a structure. *154.430* C238 [TAC9-C101]. 10:22a.m.

Update - PLYMOUTH, MA: Working fire on Cardinal Drive. OIC reports an outside fire with no extension to the structure. *154.430* C238/C461 [TAC9-C101]. 10:31a.m.

BRANFORD, CT: MVA on I-95 between Exits 54-55. A 2-car accident with 1 trapped. Jaws working. CT3687/1062 [TAC9-C101]. 10:42a.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update STLFDs 1st Alarm house fire at 42 Henrietta Pl: Fire on the 3rd floor of a 3 sty brick. Estimating two lines off & an Aerial device raised. Still waiting for an update at the 20 minute MARC. [STL810]. 10:44a.m.

LOS ANGELES, CA: Major Emergency Fire @ 12301 Gladstone Ave (Lake View Terrace). A 100x150 1-story commercial building fully involved - thru the roof. Defensive Mode. 17 Companies, 65+Firefighters. [Firepage (sm) LA-40]. 10:45a.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: *2nd Alarm* Box 637 @ Lafayete Ave and Grand Ave. 4-story brick 25x75 mixed occupancy. DIV11 reports fire 1st floor store. [MNS-2]. 10:52a.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update STLFDs 1st Alarm house fire at 42 Henrietta Pl: Fire on the 3rd floor of a 3 sty brick. All Firefighters accounted for. No further size up given - but believe fire is under control. *FINAL* [STL810]. 10:55a.m.

STLFN: JEFFERSON Co., MO: High Ridge FPD has a 1st Alarm fire involving propane at 5808 Sterin Drive. No fire size up given - but an apparatus move-up has been made. [STL810]. 11:05a.m.

ESFN: SUSSEX Co., DE: 6248 Whitedeer Rd. Delmar. Command 74 has a single-frame dwelling with heavy fire showing. All occupants out. Interior attack side 3. Partial structural collapse. Power Co. requested. Cover-ups being established. [ESFN 8/3/23 (H/L 6)]. 11:33a.m.

MILLIS, MA: Working fire at 75 Van Kleeck Road. Dwelling fire. OIC reports bulk of the fire knocked down. M/A to scene & for coverage. *484.200* [TAC9-C461]. 11:57a.m.

HOOKSETT, NH: MVA on I-93 Southbound at Hooksett Toll. SUV into rear end of a tractor-trailer truck with entrapment. Jaws going to work. *158.760* [TAC9-C101]. 12:43p.m.

STLFN: ALORTON (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: Alorton FD has a working structure fire at 3734 Converse. Mutual Aid from Camp Jackson and Church Road Fire Dept's for equipment and manpower. [STL810]. 12:44p.m.

Update - HOOKSETT, NH: MVA I-93 SB at Hooksett Toll Booth: C1 reports an SUV underneath the rear end of a tractor-trailer truck. Engine 1&2 operating the Jaws with an extended extrication. *158.760* [TAC9-C101]. 12:53p.m.

BOSCAWEN, NH: Working fire at 212 King St. Cumberland Farms. Gasoline tractor-trailer fire with exposure to the building. M/A 2 Engines & Foam Trailer from Concord to the scene. All Companies working. *154.355/154.235* [TAC9-C158]. 1:05p.m.

Update - BOSCAWEN, NH: Working fire at 212 King St. at the Cumberland Farms. S/C Louden Foam Trailer to the scene. *154.355/154.235* C101 [TAC9-C158]. 1:09p.m.

YORK, ME: Working fire - Box 211 at 15 Hospital Drive. York Hospital. C1 reports an appliance fire in the Oncology Department. Co.'s evacuating smoke - holding 3 Engines. *154.265* C31 [TAC9-C101]. 1:31p.m.

CAMDEN (CAMDEN Co.), NJ: *Fatal-fire* 1000 block of S. 6th St. CAR 2 reports a DOA inside dwelling. 2-story middle of row. 3 hand lines in service. 4 Engines, 3 Trucks, Res1cue, 3 Chiefs on scene. Fire is under control at this time. [EAN90 3621 3305]. 1:45p.m.

ODENTON, MD: *2nd Alarm* Townhouse fire at 2640 Streamview Dr. (Anne Arundel Co). Heavy smoke & fire showing. (DC51). 1:47p.m.

STAFFORDVILLE, CT: Working fire at 61 Buckley Highway. Fire on floor 2 of 2-story occupied house. *33.44* C09 CT21 [TAC9-C33]. 2:07p.m.

YORK, ME: Working fire at 69 Woodbridge Rd. Structure fire. All Companies working. *154.265* C101 [TAC9-C520]. 2:10p.m.

Update - YORK, ME: Working fire at 69 Woodbridge Rd. 2.5-story wood frame 30x35 occupied multiple dwelling. Kitchen fire - now knocked down & PWH. *154.265* C101 O/S [TAC9-C520]. 2:15p.m.

NEW CASTLE, NH: Fall victim on Wentworth Rd at the Wentworth Hotel. Worker fallen 45+ ft. Request for EMS with a PUSH. *154.19* C101 [TAC9-C158]. 2:15p.m.

ODENTON, MD: Update: *2nd Alarm* 2640 Streamview Dr. (Anne Arundel Co.) Heavy fire in a 2-story middle of group townhouse with collapse. Fire extended to both exposures. Exterior operations. (DC51). 2:15p.m.

2nd Alarm STAFFORDVILLE, CT: 61 Buckley Highway. Many towns M/A requested and Co.s experiencing water problems. *33.44* C09 CT21 [TAC9-C33]. 2:35p.m.

AMHERST, NH: MVA on Rt.101 by Rt.122. Rollover. Jaws operating. *33.64* C520 [TAC9-C158]. 2:41p.m.

TRUMBULL, CT: Working fire at 373 Churchill Rd. Structure fire with fire in the attic. *33.56* CT173/21 [TAC9-C33]. 3:03p.m.

3rd Alarm STAFFORDVILLE, CT: 61Buckley Highway (Rt.190). Building - heavily involved. Also a Hazmat situation. (6) towns Mutual Aid. C09 CT180/3749/21 [TAC9-C33]. 3:06p.m.

WATERBORO, ME: Working fire at 1482 Goodwins Mills Road. A house fire. OIC reports smoke showing from the rear of a house. M/A responding. *460.550* [TAC9-C101]. 3:10p.m.

Update - WATERBORO, ME: Working fire at 1482 Goodwins Mills Road. OIC reports a fire in the laundry room. Fire is knocked down. Releasing M/A Companies. *460.550* [TAC9-C101]. 3:21p.m.

NEW HAVEN, CT: MVA at Wintergreen & Brookside with entrapment. Jaws in use. CT173/19 [TAC9-C33]. 3:34p.m.

TRUMBULL, CT: (second fire) Working fire at 101 Grey Rock. A 2-story wood frame structure. CT173/CT19 [TAC9-C158]. 3:38p.m.

2nd Alarm TRUMBULL, CT: 101 Grey Rock Rd. Structure fire. M/A from (2) towns. C158 CT173/19 [TAC9-C33]. 4:01p.m.

BOXFORD, MA: MVA at Lakeshore Rd @ Main St. Jaws working for 1 trapped. Multi-10/45s on scene - unknown codes. *482.5000* [TAC9-C66]. 4:08p.m.

Update BOXFORD, MA: MVA Lakeshore Rd @ Main St. Victim extricated from vehicle. Total of 4-10/45's transported from scene, all Code 2/3. Incident under control. *482.500* C101 [TAC9-C66]. 4:32p.m.

LOS ANGELES, CA: LA City fire: Physical Rescue TC involving Rescue-209 at Soto & Olympic in East LA. 5 victims so far. [FIREPAGE (R) LA-1] 4:38p.m.

STLFN: CAHOKIA (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: Cahokia FD is on scene of a house fire @ 2309 Jerome Lane. Unconfirmed report of a lady inside. PD on scene advises heavy smoke showing. Camp Jackson FD responded M/A. (STL835). 4:52p.m.

STLFN: CAHOKIA (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Update on Cahokia FDs working house fire @ 2309 Jerome Lane. Fire is under control. Co.'s making secondary searches at this time. Prarie Dupont FD on stand-by @ Cahokia FDs Engine House #1. (STL 835). 5:01p.m.

CASS Co., MO: West Peculiar FPD has a working fire at 4216 E. 215th Street x MO-Y Hwy. Heavy smoke showing from a structure. Belton & South Metro FPD are M/A. [KCFN-02]. 5:09p.m.

SCITUATE, MA: Working fire - Box-323 at 68 Indian Wind Drive. Co.'s report smoke showing. Fire in cellar. Co.'s laying lines. *151.175* [TAC9-C67]. 5:24p.m.

STLFN: CAHOKIA (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Update on Cahokia FDs house fire at 2309 Jerome Lane. They have a *fatality* which is an elderly woman occupant. Red Cross is responding along with State Fire Marshal. [STL997/ 835]. 5:32p.m.

Update SCITUATE, MA: Working fire, Box-323 at 68 Indian Wind Drive. OIC reports fire in cellar knocked down. Checking for extension. *151.175* [TAC9-C67]. 5:37p.m.

STLFN: MILLSTADT (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: Millstadt FD is on scene of a garage fire @ 415 W. White St. Millstadt AMBO responded for a burned civilian. Millstadt FD put in an additional call for manpower to respond with the Aerial Truck. Garage is fully involved spreading to house. (STL 835). 6:09p.m.

STLFN: LIVLEY GROVE (WASHINGTON Co.), IL: Marissa FD on scene of a barn fire on County Highway 10. St. Libory FD responded M/A. (STL 835). 6:22p.m.

STLFN: LIVLEY GROVE (WASHINGTON Co.), IL: Update on Marissa FDs barn fire at 405 County Highway 10 (correct numeric). Barn is fully involved. Tilden FD is responding M/A. (STL835). 6:25p.m.

NANTUCKET, MA: (Marthas Vineyard) - Working fire at 11 Union Street. OIC reports heavy fire showing from the rear. *153.830* C158 [TAC9-C101]. 6:30p.m.

STLFN: LIVLEY GROVE (WASHINGTON Co.), IL: Update on Marissa FDs barn fire at 405 County Highway 10. Fire is under control. Co.'s returning to service. (STL 835). 6:33p.m.

ATLANTA, GA: 2nd Alarm at 9 Ansley Dr. NE. 2-story brick single-family dwelling. Four hand lines stretched operating. Searches negative. 8 Engines, 4 Trucks, 1 BC. Fire darkening down. [HNAN DEWms]. 6:35p.m.

MONROE, CT: Working fire at 5 Grist Mill Road. A basement fire. CT173/19 [TAC9-C101]. 6:44p.m.

SMITHFIELD, RI: Working fire at 270 Stillwater Rd. Basement fire in a dwelling. Fire knocked down. Co.'s overhauling. Request for Animal Control Officer to the scene. *154.115* [TAC9-C158]. 6:45p.m.

GREENWOOD, ME: Snowmobile accident on Rt.219 & Patch Mountain Rd. Snowmobile rollover with 1 seriously injured. EMS & Fish & Game on scene. *154.070* [TAC9-C31]. 7:03p.m.

STLFN: MILLSTADT (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: Update on Millstadt FDs working garage fire @ 415 W. White St. Fire is under control. Co.'s returning to quarters. *FINAL* (STL 835). 7:07p.m.

KINGSTON, NH: Working fire at 10 Concannon Road. A house fire. OIC reports heavy fire showing. *154.190* [TAC9-C101]. 7:27p.m.

EASTON, MA: MVA on Depot St. Request for Medflight to the scene. L/Z is Shaws Plaza. M/A Ambulance from Norton. *471.175* [TAC9-C51]. 7:32p.m.

Update - EASTON, MA: MVA on Depot St. Head on MVA. Patient is a 70 year-old male with multi-trauma. Bridgewater Engine M/A to the L/Z. *471.175* [TAC9-C51]. 7:37p.m.

DEKALB Co., GA: 2nd Alarm, 1668 Weilka Dr. near Glenwood Rd. 2-story Garden Apartment building with flames showing on arrival. Defensive mode with 1 Ladder Pipe. 5 Engines, 4 Quints, 2 Ladders, 2 Squads. [HNAN/BillD]. 9:32p.m.

GILEAD, ME: Snowmobile accident 1/2 mile into the woods near 20 Bog Rd. Snowmobile vs. tree with serious injury. Gilead FD & Bethel Rescue operating. *154.070* [TAC9-C31]. 9:42p.m.

MARLBOROUGH, MA: Working fire at 13 Cross Street. Reported fire in an occupied structure. Box struck b/o Engine Co.2 *858.4625* [TAC9-C20]. 11:12p.m.


*** FirePage Ohio Report for January 17, 2003 ***

FirePage Ohio covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky. We send all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an E-Mail address, we can get the information to you.

For additional information: E-Mail info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

This report is complied by FirePage Ohio Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

- 0232
Youngstown FD: W/F Box # 3258 @ Fruit & Vernon. Cos: Eng 6, 7, 12, Lad 22, Squad 33, BN 1, 2. Eng 6 reports a 2 sty house fully involved. FPO/D724

- 0624
Harborcreek, PA FD (Erie): W/F 2721 Clark. Cos: Eng 223, 224, 244, Lad 249, Res 228, Tank 225, 265, Squad 227, Med 95. Chief 240 reports smoke from rear of a house. FPO/D800

- 0657
Harborcreek, PA FD (Erie): W/F 2721 Clark. Fire in the walls. Tank 715 S/C'd. FPO/D800

- 0713
Southington VFD (Trumbull): 2nd Alarm 3980 Herr Fieldhouse Rd NW. Cos: Eng 45, 16, 21, 22, 47, Tank 43, 45, 22, 21, 16, Res 45, Medic/Squad 16, Squad 45, 451. 1 victim transported. TC FIU S/C'd. FPO/D256*

- 1148
Marion FD (Marion): W/F on Creston Ave. Cos: Eng 22, 23, Lad 24, Med 28, 29, C 20. F/I house with extension to a 2nd. Frozen hydrants in area. M/A Morral
Salt Rock Twp FD, and Green Camp Twp FD for Tankers and Air Truck. E-TIP/FPO/D703

- 1544
Erie, PA FD: W/F Box # 53 @ 703 East 8th. Cos: Eng 8, 3, 13, TL 2, DC 311, FI 1. Eng 8 reports fire showing on 1st floor of a 2.5 sty house with 1 person trapped. FPO/D800

- 1548
Cleveland FD: W/F 1500 West 116. BN 3 reports fire on 2nd floor of a 2.5 sty house. Cos: Eng 33, 38, Lad 39, Squad 2, & BN 3. Eng 39 - Worker. Lad 4 - RIT. FPO/D700

- 1549
Erie, PA FD: W/F Box # 53 @ 703 East 8th. EMS 42 OTW. Heavy fire. Eng 6 S/C'd. Distraught man barricaded himself in house. FPO/D800

- 1550
Cleveland FD: W/F 1500 West 116. Add Squad 4 to the card. FPO/D700

- 1559
Erie, PA FD: W/F Box # 53 @ 703 East 8th. AC 325 enroute. DC 311 reports victim rescued by crew of TL 2. EMS Supervisor S 20 reports 1 class 2 victim and requesting add'l Ambo. Eng 6 is FAST TEAM. FPO/D800

- 2003
Hermitage, PA FD (Mercer): MVA/PIN Superior & East. Sta 93 & 86 enroute. Car vs pole. TC911/FPO/D323

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Various news releases issued today by the NSW Rural Fire Service

For full details please go to http://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/media/pressrelease.asp


The Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service has declared a Total Fire Ban in the following Weather Forecast Districts: Upper Western, Lower Western, Central West Slopes, Riverina, South West Plains, Southern Tablelands, South West Slopes.


As the bushfire situation in Kosciuszko National Park intensifies fire fighting authorities at Jindabyne have embarked on a concerted public information campaign aimed at keeping local communities regularly updated as circumstances change.


Volunteer firefighters from the NSW Rural Fire Service will be sent to Australian Capital Territory to assist in the ongoing battle against several major bushfires.


Nearly 200 NSW firefighters from the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) are working on control lines for three fires on the ACT NSW border, specifically in the Brindabella and Namadji National Parks and Bimberi Nature Reserve.


The weather is the main focus of interest for the 500 fire fighters and support personnel currently battling 14 fires in Kosciuszko National Park. These fires, combined with backburning by fire fighters, have now burnt about 51,500 hectares of the 690,000 hectare national park.

John Winter
Director Corporate Communications
NSW Rural Fire Service



On Friday, January 17, 2003 at 0757 hours eighteen companies of Firefighters, four Rescue Ambulances and four Battalion Command Teams under the direction of Assistant Chief G. A. West responded to a major emergency structure fire at 12322 Gladstone Avenue in the Lakeview Terrace area. First units on scene reported a one story 100 by 200 commercial with smoke and fire showing. Firefighters using handlines and heavy stream appliances confined the fire to the warehouse of Fantasy Cookie Company, a wholesale cookie manufacturer and extinguished the fire in one hour and twenty-four minutes. The contents of the structure consisting of cooking oil, sugar, flour and other cooking and baking products along with wooden pallets, packaging materials and melting tar from the well involved roof created an exceptionally hot fire resulting in several Firefighters with melted personal protective equipment. One employee sustained a first-degree burn to his hand, was treated at the scene and released with no hospital transport. One Firefighter suffered from dehydration and was transported to a local hospital in stable condition where he was treated and released. The cause of the fire is under investigation and the loss is estimated at $1,000,000+. ($500,000+ to structure and $500,000+ to contents).



On Friday, January 17, 2003 at 1042 hours four companies of Firefighters, seven Rescue Ambulances and one EMS District Captain under the direction of Battalion Commander D. R. Austin responded to a multi-patient traffic collision at 6th Street and Curson Avenue in the Fairfax area. While responding to Reported Smoke at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue, Truck Sixty-one was involved in a traffic collision with three vehicles. A forty-nine year old male in serious condition and a sixty-year old female in minor condition were transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. A thirty-six year old female in minor condition was transported to Kaiser Hospital West L.A. Three Firefighters on Truck Sixty-one were transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with minor neck and back complaints, all in stable condition. The LAPD Traffic Division will investigate the incident.



On Friday, January 17, 2003 at 1427 hours eleven companies of Firefighters and eight Rescue Ambulances under the direction of Battalion Commander D. M. Yamahata responded to a multi-patient traffic collision at Soto Street and Olympic Boulevard in the Produce Center area. While responding to an OD at 3010 Gleason Avenue, Rescue Ambulance 209 was involved in a traffic collision with one vehicle. Four of the six occupants of the vehicle were transported to LACOUSC with minor injuries. They were all females ages 1 year, 3 years, 22 years and 35 years. The two Firefighters in Rescue 209 were transported to White Memorial Hospital in stable condition with one sustaining a possible fracture of his arm while the other had low back pain complaints. The LAPD Traffic Division will investigate the incident.


Robert Collis
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department
200 North Main Street, Room OCD-E423
Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA

Fax: (213) 485-2708
LAFD E-Mail: rlc1679@lafd.lacity.org
LAFD Website: http://www.lafd.org



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