GOLDEN, Colo. (AP) - Fire officials are warning that even in the
dead of winter wildfires remain a threat because of the drought.
"There's just a little snow in the shade. It's just bone dry
out there, bone dry," said Bill Lucatuorto, fire chief of the
Inter-Canyon Fire Department and new president of the Jefferson
County Fire Council.
The county last week began stationing portable electronic
messaging trailers that flash, "Be Firewise, Forests Are Dry,"
along roads.
The Colorado Department of Transportation has been asked to post
similar messages on overhead signs on westbound Interstate 70 and
U.S. 285.
"We don't have as many people out and about like in summer,"
said Scott Wells, critical-response director for the Jefferson
County Sheriff's Office. "But we still have some, and we want to
remind them about fire danger."

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