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    Hi all,

    Our department just recieved a very large grant and the plan is to get new SCBA's. We have Survivair now, and although old, we never have problems with them. A salesman from ISI was out when we tested thermal imagers and of course, made the pitch for the Viking.

    Just wondering if any of you use them and some of your experiences. Also, could everyone have their own face piece? From the website, it looks like a one-piece unit.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Thumbs up

    I have used the Viking before and found it to be a great unit. You can have your own facemask, as it has a quick connect on the hose. We have the voice amplifier feature that allows clear communication while where the mask, a great feature, and you can breathe ambient air while wearing the mask so you don't waste tank air. The harness, I found, was very comfortable since the weight is placed on the hips, not the shoulders, and it doesn't slide up while you are on your knees. I give Viking a thumbs up, but that is my opinion, try one out for yourself, as you have to wear it.
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    I've used the viking for several years now. I have to agree with the comment that the harnesses are quite comfortable. I give the facepiece two thumbs up for comfort level and visibility as well. As has been mentioned, the masks connect with a coupling so we can (and do) have individual masks.

    My dislikes:

    - The voice vector option has been problematic for us. We keep breking wires at the back of the connectors. The unit is "tacked-on", and not well integrated into the system.

    - I have had the airswitch fail at a fire. I switched down and got - dramatic pause - ambient air. I am told that a small particle lodged in the seal on the hinge side and kept the valve from admitting pressurized air. I'm pretty religious about keeping my gear clean and inspecting often, so this came as a surprise. As I mentioned in another thread on the subject, I carry my mask in the switch closed position now.

    - I find the bottle retention strap setup is prone to stretching. I've witnessed several broken buckles, too.

    None of these things would cause me to talk someone out of purchasing Vikings, but these are real-world observations that might make a difference in how you spec. I personally have no problem with the units despite these shortcomings.

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    I agree that the new viking masks are more difficult to get a good seal than the old masks. The two strap deal just doesn't cut it..4 or 5 like the old Magnum mask would be great.

    And I also had some problems in transfering from outside to bottle air..took about a 5 second pause to get the valve to pop...sent it in to be worked on and needed all internal parts to be replaced. If you see even a moderate amount of fire the masks become gucked up real fast and need overhaul even if you clean them after every fire with hot water.

    Very hard to communicate without assistance from voice enhancement..I've never used it but it can't be any worse than it is now.

    Scott which I have used is very simple and reliable. None of the BS bells and whistles that the new Viking has. Easy to communicate from man to man and easy to operate. The Viking is full of crap that while in the new NFPA standard is untested and so far unproven.

    I would go with tried and true SCOTT...why subject your self to being a guine pig for a SCBA manufacture that has alot of internal problems as is.

    Just my personal opinion though.


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    We went from Scott to ISI to Survivair. Survivair has the best visibility in a mask we have found, they have a very comfortable fit also. The ISI's we had used whistles for low air alarms. Sounded just like a smoke detector so you did not notice them in fires. Also had water get in the whistle and freeze on a user.
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