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    Default Explorer Program

    I have been a member of the local departments fire explorer post for several years now and I was wondering how the explorer posts at the different departments are received by department members, what are the feelings towards them (i.e. good, bad, great, so-so). Thanks

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    Default Explorers

    Our Explorers are received quite well. Our Advisor limits the number of Explorers to ten in the Department (Span of Control) and has weekly training sessions with them. They ride the First Due, if room available, and know what they can do and cannot do. They are not allowed at MVA's or Mutual Aid Alarms. At a recent house fire, the helped stretch hoselines and changed air bottles on our Interior Firefighters. They are all trained that the job is not done until the Equipment is returned to service. Sometimes at the Station, they have to be put in their place, but it usually only takes one discussion to quell any wildness. We have many dedicated members who have come up through our Explorer program.
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    I am the advisor for our explorer post/ Jr's. Our kids are 14-17 and mostly fireman's sons or there friends or kids with firemen somewhere in there family. You have to be 18 to join the department, but if you do 2 years as a Jr you can join at 17. This works fairly well, we get the kid in for a year before he goes away to school, begin thier training and try to keep them involved on breaks from school. Due to the 2 years they spent as a Jr. we have a good idea which kids will make it as FF. Although not many end up returning home after school, some do. Another plus is that many that do not return home will continue in the fire service wherever they end up.
    Now as for the program, our kids are very well recieved. The first lesson they are taught is respect! They understand that it is our firehouse and they are lucky to be invited in. This is not usually a problem because many come from FF families. Our Jrs. DO NOT respond to calls. They participate in our drills and hold drills of their own. They train on basic equipment and are taught FF1. Our goal is for them to have a great advantage upon joining the dept. The only time they can ride on the rigs is during driver training and when they are on the rig it is OOS untill they are returned to the firehouse. They hold monthly meetings and raise some funds for their use.
    Overall I find the to be a great benifit to the department and to the kids. Some of the kids that start just for the community service end up being very productive members of the department.
    If you have any questions feel free to reply or contact me.
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    I'm a junior, and all the guys accept us as there own, we all bust each others balls all the time, jokingly of course. they like us alot, and think were a big help.

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    I'm an Explorer and have been for almost a year now, it's really a great program! But I think there needs to be more of them around. The program is very educational, and so much fun. It takes a lot of time and dedication but it is much worth it. I came in knowing almost nothing and look where I'm at now!. So if your interested in the firefighting field, this is definatly the program you should be in to make sure this is really what you want to do.

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    i was on the explorer program in madison. i loved it so much. i went in there just exploring and looking at what i wanted to do for the rest of my life. i got into it and have been in the fire business for almost 3 years. i recently turned 18, and took my career up to the next level, you guessed it, the probie!!! being an explorer is so much more exciting than being a probie. i actually get to fight the fires now, and once you start, you cant stop. my leiutinet says that that is how you tell a phonie from the real thing. once i got into the fire, i got a sudden addreneline rush, and i loved it so much. guess that that is one of the positives to being a probie. yeah, explorers get to do something every once and a while, but being an actual fire fighter is so much more exciting. when i was an explorer, all that we did was training and sitting around the fire house in fire gear, and extracation classes of course. and trust me explorers/juniors, once you feel and work with the real thing, if your heart is true, you wont ever want to go back to the same old same old. we did live burn, but take live burn and times that by like 1million or something, and you have the addreneline rush that you get fighting a real fire, it is awesome, not some under control peace of red light, but the real thing. if you have any comments on this, hit me back. like to know what the other probies out there think about this, or anyone on that matter. thanks!!
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