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    Default Handsaw Mounting

    Im looking for an inovative way of hanging a cordless DeWalt handsaw in a compartment on the side of apparatus. Currently we have one that is on the truck but it is in a case. Im looking for sometype of bracket or something that can be mounted on the side of the truck for quick access for the use during extrication.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    We currently carry one cordless and one AC saw in our rescue truck, both in their cases.

    We did figure out a good "holster" for lack of a better term for them, but decided to wait until our new truck arrives in a few months. We have a transverse compartment with some PVC tubes that hold our longer tools, and we are going to incorporate two 5" or 6" (I can't remember - which ever one fits the saws better!) PVC tubes to hold the saws. The tubes are mounted with the end closer to the center of the truck lower than the end that is accessable from the compartment to keep the tools from sliding out. What we don't have in our current truck that we're going to incorporate in the new one is some kind of cover for the tubes to restrain tools in the event of a crash.

    Good luck!

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    >We have our sawzall mounted horizontally in the front transverse compartment of our rescue. Took a piece of 6" PVC pipe and cut it the length of the blade and saw (minus the handgrip and battery pack). We then put foam rubber around the inside of the pipe so that the sawzall fits snugly inside. All you have to do is open the compartment door, grab the saw by the grip and pull, you are ready for action!!!

    Hope that helps!! Be safe!

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    Some departments aren't fortunate enough to be able to afford a cordless reciprocating saw...so they buy four instead. But what else would you expect on a rescue that has features such as dual light masts?

    Ask the boys from Blades, DE for more info on this one:
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    ADJUSTAMOUNT (P/N 1006) and a FLEXMOUNT (P/N 1002)

    Use the flexmount for the handle and secure the body with the adjustamount.

    You can mount the holders direct on the truck, instead of using the PacTrac mounting planks (P/N 7000), but using the planks is cleaner in the long run.

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