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Sunday, January 19, 2003

· STLFN: FRANKLIN Co., MO: St. Clair FPD - 1st Alarm commercial fire at Midwest Metal Refinishing - 300 S. Commercial Drive (off Hwy 47). [STL810]. 4:29a.m.

· 2nd Alarm - IPSWICH, MA: on Route 133 for a fire in a commercial structure. M/A to work & cover. *159.390* [TAC9-C101]. 5:06a.m.

· CHICAGO, IL: 2-11 Alarm fire @ 421 W. Garfield Blvd (55th Street) (3) 2.5-story frames all 25x55 well involved. [CHGO-1/119/145+]. 5:16a.m.

· CINCINNATI, OH: 2nd Alarm at 1234 Ryland. Unknown size-up. 1 injured Firefighter - unknown condition. [FPO/1002/D703](c). 5:45a.m.

· 3rd Alarm - ISPWICH, MA: Box 3511 at 36 Essex Road. Fire in a large 2-story commercial market. Heavy fire in the cockloft. M/A to scene & coverage. *159.39* C101/C31 [TAC9-C461]. 5:58a.m.

· 2nd Alarm – TORONTO (ONTARIO), CANADA: 260 Wellesley St. E. Fire in a High-rise occupied multiple dwelling. NFI ATT. *EMS* TFN409 [TORONTO FIRENET-TAC9]. 6:29a.m.

· JACKSON, MI: **2nd Alarm** Working structure fire at 1209 S. Jackson. 2-story wood frame - heavily involved on 1st floor & rear of dwelling. Command requested the 2nd Alarm + M/A Summit Twp. for Engine & manpower. (FNNM 552). 6:47a.m.

· HARTFORD, CT: Working fire at 37 Stanwood Street. Structure fire. Companies charging lines. Searches in progress for occupants. *154.3100/800* C176 [TAC9-C461]. 6:48a.m.

· CAPRON (SOUTHAMPTON Co.), VA: **2nd Alarm Equiv.** 23186 Angelica Rd. Engine-32 with a fully involved barn. VFN175 to the scene. (175/vm) (VFN102). 7:43a.m.

· ROCHESTER, MA: Working fire at 702 Snipatuit Road. Structure fire. M/A to scene & for coverage. *154.295* [TAC9-C461]. 8:01a.m.

· Update - ROCHESTER, MA: Working fire at 702 Snipatuit Road. Fire in the attic of a dwelling. Deck Guns in use. Request for a Lakeville Tanker to the scene. *471.425* C06 [TAC9-C461]. 8:16a.m.

· PORTLAND, ME: Working fire at 186 Commercial St. At Taylor's Wharf. Boat fire. *154.205/800* [TAC9-C31]. 8:35a.m.

· BRAINTREE, MA: Working fire - Box 47 at 22 Wayne Ave. OIC reports fire in the walls. Companies dropping lines. *483.5125* [TAC9-C461]. 8:43a.m.

· 2nd Alarm – BRAINTREE, MA: Box 47 at 22 Wayne Ave. OIC reports fire in the walls. Bulk of the fire is knocked down. 2nd Alarm struck for relief. *483.5125* [TAC9-C461]. 9:07a.m.

· BEDFORD, NH: MVA I-293 SB at the Bedford Tolls. Rollover with entrapment. Jaws operating. M/A from Merrimack to the scene. *33.78* [TAC9-C31]. 9:40a.m.

· BROWNFIELD, ME: Snowmobile accident off the Farnsworth Rd. Serious injury. FD & Maine Warden Service operating. *154.070* (C101) [TAC9-C31]. 9:50a.m.

· ANNE ARUNDEL Co., MD: *Fatal* working fire in a dwelling at 8201 New Cut Rd. Co.#26 – S. Glen Burnie. Have *(1) Pri-4 (DOA) on scene* Fire under control. (NX*DC2&CW52) [DC/BMD/E*23]. 10:02a.m.

· NEWINGTON, CT: Working fire at 68 5th Street. Reported partition fire in a 1.5-story wood frame cape type dwelling. Heavy smoke showing. C176/CT19 [TAC9-C20]. 12:50p.m.

· QUINCY, MA: 2nd Alarm on arrival, Box 6148 at 15 Edwin Street. Fire in a 2.5-story dwelling. Companies report heavy fire showing. *483.5375* C67 [TAC9-C461]. 1:06p.m.

· WAKEFIELD, NH: Snowmobile accident off Rt.153 North of the Hayscale about 1/8 mile into the woods. Rider with fractures. Wakefield fire & EMS working. *154.175* [TAC9-C31]. 1:29p.m.

· 2nd Alarm - OAKVILLE (ONTARIO), CANADA: 2485 Dundas St. W. 1-story frame dwelling – fully involved. Heavy fire conditions. All Companies withouth water supply in the area. TFN328/TFN409 [TORONTO FIRENET-TAC9]. 1:31p.m.

· NORFOLK, VA: 2nd Alarm @ S. Cape Henry & Palmetto St. Engine-11 with fire in a Church. ENGINES: 11, 2, 1, 9, 4, LADDERS: 10, 9, SQD-2, BATT-3, FIRE-8 working. [116] (VFN05). 1:31p.m.

· 2nd Alarm – VERNON, CT: 9 Ironwood Drive off of Phoenix. Reported garage fully involved extended to a dwelling. M/A Tankers requested. CT2587/CT123 [TAC9-C20]. 1:50p.m.

· NEWPORT, RI: Working fire at 22 Bowen's Wharf. Structure fire. M/A for coverage. *154.170* [TAC9-C51]. 2:30p.m.

· NEWPORT, RI: (Second working fire) at 524 Broadway. Structure fire. M/A to cover. *154.170* [TAC9-C51]. 2:31p.m.

· KANSAS CITY, MO: Working fire @ 8109 Highland x 81st Street. Smoke showing from the eaves of a 1-story frame – possible attic fire. CAR107, P30, P37, R9, T15, T8. [KCFN-02]. 3:01p.m.

· COVENTRY, RI: Working fire at 6 Acacia Road. Reported bedroom fire #2-floor of a 2-story wood frame dwelling. 1line stretched & operating. All Companies working. *453.125* C51/C57/C461 [TAC9-C20]. 3:09p.m.

· WATERBURY, CT: Working fire on Johnson Court. Reported fire in the basement of a private dwelling. CT99/CT19 [TAC9-C20]. 4:22p.m.

· MFN: ST. MICHAELS (TALBOT Co.), MD: House fire (Box-44), 3rd Alarm on Bozmann Neavitt Rd in area of Long Pt Rd. PM-41 & E-48 advises 1.5-story woof made 100 % involved. Requested the 3rd Alarm. Fire Marshall and utilities to the scene. NFI. [MFN-696]. 4:27p.m.

· MFN Update - ST. MICHAELS (TALBOT Co.), MD: House fire (Box-44) 3rd Alarm on Bozmann Neavitt Rd in the area of Long Pt Rd. Command requests 2 additional Medic Units. Transfers in progress. M/A Caroline Co. Station. 200 to Station. 40. [MFN-696]. 4:46p.m.

· MFN Update - ST. MICHAELS (TALBOT Co.), MD: House fire (Box-44), 3rd Alarm on Bozmann Neavitt Rd in area of Long Pt Rd. Transfers in progress. M/A Caroline Co. Sta. 200, Nowto Station 60, Queen Annes Co. Station 3 to station 40. [MFN-696]. 4:50p.m.

· TAMWORTH, NH: Snowmobile accident - Corridor 15 North Trail to Castle In The Clouds off Gilman Valley Rd. Female thrown from machine with severe leg fracture. 2-3 mile patient removal. West Ossipee FD on M/A. *154.175* [TAC9-C31]. 5:27p.m.

· OXFORD TWP., NJ: 2nd Alarm at 41 Snyders Lane. House fire. Request Tanker Task Force. [EAN434/10]. 5:35p.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD *1st Alarm* @ Norwood & Terry. Heavy fire on the 1st & 2nd floors of a 2-story/4-family dwelling. 1 line off. PUMPERS: 24-26-28-10-12, HL15, BC805/806, SQD-2. [STL899]. 5:39p.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update - STLFD's *1st Alarm* @ Norwood & Terry. BC805 reports a vacant 2-story/4-family dwelling. 2 lines off. Fire under control & Alarm struck out. [STL899]. 5:51p.m.

· KANSAS CITY, MO: 1st Alarm b/o P39 for the working fire @ 11612 E. 42nd Street x Pittman. 2-story Apartment building with smoke showing. CAR105/107, P24, P39, P35, R11, R9, T10, T5. [KCFN-02]. 6:04p.m.

· SPRINGFIELD, MA: Working fire at 4 Fresno Street. Reported dwelling fire. *154.1750* CT80/CT192 [TAC9-C20]. 6:07p.m.

· Update – KANSAS CITY, MO: The 1st Alarm @ 11612 E. 42nd Street has been struck out b/o CAR105. 1 line used. Fire under control. 1 rescue was made. S/C CAR103 as Safety Officer. INV213 on scene. [KCFN-02]. 6:21p.m.

· BARTLETT, NH: Snowmobile accident 1/2 mile in the woods off Glen Ledge Rd. Snowmobile vs. tree with rider unconscious. Glen FD & Bartlett/Jackson EMS operating. *154.145/456.145* [TAC9-C31]. 6:25p.m.

· Update – BARTLETT, NH: Snowmobile accident - in the woods off Glen Ledge Rd. FD/EMS Units on scene report 1 confirmed fatality. *154.145/456.145* [TAC9-C31]. 6:35p.m.

· NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI: Working fire at 244 Tower Hill Rd. 'Duffy's Tavern'. Fire in the ductwork of a commercial building. *154.235* C304. [TAC9-C51]. 6:46p.m.

· Update - NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI: Working fire at 244 Tower Hill Rd. OIC reports fire is knocked down. Companies checking for extension. PWH. C304. [TAC9-C51]. 6:52p.m.

· HARTFORD, CT: Working fire at 95 Kibbe Street. 3-story structure. Heavy fire showing from the 2nd floor. *154.310/800* [TAC9-C09]. 7:12p.m.

· NEW PALTZ (ULSTER Co.), NY: **2nd Alarm** 101 Hugenot Rd. S/C EMS to scene. Fire in a private dwelling. [EAN465/503]. 7:38p.m.

· FARMINGTON, NH: Snowmobile accident off the Upper Sheepboro Rd. Farmington FD/EMS involved in carry out of injured rider. *154.370* [TAC9-C31]. 8:43p.m.

· HANOVER, MA: MVA on Broadway at the Norwell Town Line. Car vs. pole with entrapment. Request for 2 additional Engines and Medflight. L/Z is at Sylvester Field. *484.400/33.96* C519 [TAC9-C09]. 10:56p.m.

· STLFN: WASHINGTON PARK (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: is on scene of a fully involved house fire at 4919 Lincoln. Caseyville FD is responding Mutual Aid. [STL997]. 10:57p.m.

· COLUMBUS, OH: *2nd Alarm* 750 Morse Rd: Auto fire with extension to a 2-story Motel. Heavy fire on the 1st floor. Companies laying large diameter hose. (1) victim on side 1. DWH. [FPO/284/221/276/249/D260](c). 10:57p.m.

· Update - COLUMBUS, OH: *2nd Alarm* 750 Morse Rd: Auto fire with extension to a 2-story Motel. Heavy fire on the 1st floor. 3 extra Engines above the 2nd Alarm. (1) victim on side 1. DWH. [FPO/284/221/276/249/D260]©. 11:21p.m.


*** FirePage Ohio Report for January 19, 2003 ***

FirePage Ohio® covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky. We send all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an E-Mail address, we can get the information to you.

For additional information: E-Mail info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

This report is complied by FirePage Ohio® Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

- 0001
Truro Twp FD (Franklin): Officer Involved Injury Accident on Livingston Ave East of Brice Rd. Cos: Med 161, 162, Eng 161, Res592cuE. Livingston Ave clodes. FPO/D249 ©

- 0434
Columbus FD: Officer Involved Injury Accident. 2019 Prince George Dr. Vehicle struck CPD Officer, then structure. Cos: Eng 4, Med 21, 15, Res4cuE, EMS 16, BN 6. FPO/D249 ©

- 0456
Cincinnati FD: W/F 1234 Ryland. Reports of persons trapped. Cos: Eng 2, 9, Trk 2, 32, RAT 20, Res 38, Dist 3, 4. FPO/D1002 ©

- 0450
Columbus FD: Officer Involved Injury Accident. 2019 Prince George Dr. Med 21 to Grant, 39 yr old male, CPD Officer, struck and pinned btwn Vehicle & structure/Trees. Serious leg/pelvic injuries. Vehicle was moving @ 15 MPH @ impact. FPO/D249 ©

- 0500
Cincinnati FD: 2nd Alarm 1234 Ryland. Cos: Eng 32, 38, Trk 19, Res 2, Squad 52, MAC 1. FPO/D1002 ©

- 0536
Cincinnati FD: 2nd Alarm 1234 Ryland. Fire K/D. Ambo 9 enroute for injured FF. Unknown type of injuries. FPO/D1002 ©

- 0955
Scioto Twp FD (Delaware): MVA/PIN US 36 & South Section Line Rd. 2 car MVA with entrapment. Cos: DelCo Med 8, 1, 4, Sta 370, Eng 337, EMS 462. MedFlight # 1 S/C'd. FPO/D223 ©

- 0957
Scioto Twp FD (Delaware): MVA/PIN US 36 & South Section Line Rd. MedFlight # 1 getting 25 yr old female, unrestrained driver, spidered windshield. Return to Grant. FPO/D223 ©

- 1205
Ashland Division of Fire (Ashland): MVA/PIN on Baney Rd South @ I-71. 17 year old victim, pinned. MLF # 3 S/C'd. FPO/D703 ©

- 1224
Cleveland FD: W/F 670 East 159. BN 6 reports a 2.5 sty house with heavy smoke showing. Cos: Eng 31, 40, Lad 31, Squad 3, & BN 6. Eng 30 - Worker. Lad 30 - RIT. FPO/D700 ©

- 1240
Columbus FD: MVA/PIN on Cooke Rd btwn Maize Rd & I-71. Cos: Eng 24, Med 24, Res101enG, Res2cuE, EMS 13, BN 3, 101. FPO/D284 ©

- 1247
Columbus FD: MVA/PIN on Cooke Rd btwn Maize Rd & I-71. Add Lad 24 to the card. 1 pinned. FPO/276/D284 ©

- 1308
Columbus FD: MVA/PIN on Cooke Rd btwn Maize Rd & I-71. BN 3 reports extrication complete. Med 24 to Riverside with 1. FPO/276/D284 ©

- 1324
Camden Twp FD (Lorain): MVA/PIN SR 303 & Gifford. CTFD & CLCAD unit 525, 524 enroute. NFI ATT. FPO/D703 ©

- 1326
Ashland Division of Fire (Ashland): MVA/PIN on Baney Rd South @ I-71. Extrication complete. Approx 1 hour 30 minute extrication time. Victim with possible Hypothermia. Enroute to Metro via MLF # 3. FPO/D703 ©

- 1515
Mantua Shalersville FD (Portage): MVA/TRAUMA SR 303 & Infirmary Rd. M/A Streetsboro Sqd 2611. MLF # 3 S/C'd then cancelled. FPO/D703 ©
*** Editors Note: Victim from this accident was later conveyed from Robinson Memorial ER to Akron City ER via MLF.

- 1605
Jackson Twp FD (Mahoning): MVA/PIN 3190 Rosemont. Car vs pole. STAT MedEvac # 14 S/C'd. LZ being set up. FPO/D724 ©

- 1617
Big Walnut JFD (Morrow): W/F 5388 CR 187. Cos: Sta 39, Tank 24, 26, 14, Sqd 3. Tank 381 S/C'd. FPO/D240 ©

- 1628
Big Walnut JFD (Morrow): W/F 5388 CR 187. Move-ups in progress. 2 sty house well off. FPO/D240 ©

- 1654
Fairview, PA FD (Erie): W/F Rt 98 & Sterrettania. Ch 520 reports W/F. Cos: Eng 532, 534, 552, RP 539, Tank 535, Squad 537, 539, Med 3. RP 1 - FAST TEAM. Eng 722, 65, Tank 595 S/C'd. FPO/801/D703 ©

- 1655
Fairview, PA FD (Erie): W/F Rt 98 @ Sterrettania. Tank 56 S/C'd. Reported as 2 structures fully involved. FPO/801/D703 ©

- 1748
Bristolville FD (Trumbull): MVA/PIN 5625 SR 88. 2 car MVA, 2 victims. Cos: Res17cuE, Sqd 17, Trk 17, M/A Med 11. FPO/258/D703 ©

- 1826
Columbus FD: W/F 4499 Wrangell Pl. Cos: Eng 29, 61, Lad 28, Res111cuE, Med 29, BN 2, 111. Chimney fire with extension. FPO/D276 ©

- 1830
Columbus FD: W/F 4499 Wrangell Pl. Fire on exterior of house, crews opening up. BN 111 in service, taking another run. No RIC Companies needed. FPO/D276 ©

- 1833
Columbus FD: W/F 4499 Wrangell Pl. Fire K/D. Holding Eng 29, Lad 28, BN 2. FPO/D276 ©

- 2019
Andover VFD Inc (Ashtabula): (Delayed) MVA/PIN SR 46 North of US 322 in Colebrook Twp. 2 Car MVA, 6 victims, 2 pinned. STAT MedEvac # 7, 14, and UH MedEvac # 8 S/C'd to meet at St Joe's Andover, Return to St Elizabeth's Youngstown. FPO/258/D703 ©

- 2103
Carlisle Twp FD (Lorain): MVA/PIN SR 301 & Banks Rd. 1 Car MVA, off the road with 1 pinned. LaGrange Twp Fire & Rescue on M/A. FPO/D703 ©

- 2249
Columbus FD: W/F 750 Morse Rd. Cos: Eng 6, 24, 19, Lad 24, 101, Res101enG, Res16cuE, Med 6, 24, BN 2, 3, 101. Car fire W/ext to 2 sty Motel 6 bldg. FPO/284/D276 ©

- 2252
Columbus FD: W/F 750 Morse Rd. Reports of person down. Crews stretching lines. FPO/276/D284 ©

- 2259
Columbus FD: Stand-By 2nd Alarm 750 Morse Rd. RIC: Eng 13, Med 19, EMS 12, SO 2. 2nd Alm Cos: Eng 61, 7, 33, 18, Lad 13, 72, 33, Res11cuE, Med 16, Air Supply 1, BN 7, 1. FPO/276/221/D284 ©

- 2304
Columbus FD: 2nd Alarm 750 Morse Rd. BN 2 (Speath) has command. Fire on 1st floor, no extension at this time. Add Eng 27 to the card. FPO/276/221/249/260/D284 ©

- 2315
Columbus FD: 2nd Alarm 750 Morse Rd. Fire being K/D. Fire in attic. Eng 13 working fire in attic area. All clear on searches. 1 person with smoke inhalation. FPO/MANY/D284 ©

- 2320
Columbus FD: 2nd Alarm 750 Morse Rd. 2 civilian injuries. Med 6 taking 56 yr old male to OSU Main, burn victim, also a female victim with smoke inhalation. FPO/MANY/D249 ©

- 2329
Columbus FD: 2nd Alarm 750 Morse Rd. Add Eng 29 to the Card. Box 15 Canteen activated and enroute. Fire Prevention S/C'd. BN 2 reports fire K/D. Holding all companies. FPO/MANY/D284 ©

- 2343
Cleveland FD: (Delayed) W/F West 18 & Dennison. Fire in an apt bldg. Cos: Eng 20, 42, Lad 20, Squad 2, & BN 4. Eng 24 - Worker. Lad 42 - RIT. FPO/D700 ©

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Early this AM on January 19th, 2003 at approx. 0945hrs the Porter, TX Fire Dept. responded to a building fire and lost at least one Fire Fighter in the Line-of-Duty.

The fire was 6 blocks from the volunteer station in Porter, TX and was reported to be a 100'x100' wood/sheet metal Autobody Repair facility.

Upon arrival of the first engine, heavy fire was showing from the rear. The crew (4 Fire Fighters) entered via the unburned showroom side of the building with a 1 3/4" hose line. As they entered, approx. 3', a Flashover occurred, trapping all four Fire Fighters.

As the air horns sounded to vacate the building, only three FF's on the line exited...2 of which were 'on fire' with serious injuries. The third FF suffered minor injuries.

The fourth Fire Fighter (unknown name, just 25 yoa) was still inside. Appearently he became disoriented and was found in an office and later died from his injuries.

More details forth coming.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Keep the Faith!


Additional Info:

Texas Firefighter Killed As Fire Surrounds Crew


January 19, 2003:

Bonham, Texas Firefighter/EMT Dies in Head-Crash

A head-on collision involving an ambulance responding to a fatal accident has claimed the life of a Bonham Firefighter/EMT, and seriously injured the Firefighter/Paramedic driver.



Brooklyn, N.Y. 01/19/03 @ 13:00 hrs.
Brownsville Section

Box 3713
address: 352 Legion St.
between: Livonia Ave. & Riverdale Ave.

3713 @ 12:53
Engs. 283, 231, 310
Lads. 120, 174
Batt. 44

10 - 75 - 3713 @ 12:56
Ladder 103 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 290
Rescue Co. #2
Squad Co. #252
Batt. 58
Division 15

Fire Building:
3 Story Brick 20 x 80 O.M.D.
Surrounding Properties:
Exp. #1: Is a Street
Exp. #2: Is a Similar Type attach
Exp. #3: Is a Rear Yard
Exp. #4: Is a Similar Type attach

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 3713 @ 13:00
Batt. 44 reports, Using All - Hands for a fire in the basement of a 3 story brick occupied multiple dwelling. 1 - line stretched & in operation. Truck's are "Opening Up" Primary search of the 1st. floor is negative. Doubtful.

@ 13:05 Batt. 44:
Probably Will Hold at this time. You can return all Special Units.

@ 13:11 Division 15:
Primary search of the basement is negative.
Secondary searech of the 1st. floor is negative.
Secondary search of the basement still in progress.
Fire is UnderControl.



1414hrs - 19 January 2003

Riverside (Montgomery Co.), OH: **2nd alarm equivalent** 164 Woodman Dr. "Pepito's" 1 story commercial strip mall, fire running the rafters in the attic area. Off-duty firefighters recalled from Riverside. Command placed the fire under control within 20 minutes. Co's: Eng-5,6 (Riverside) Eng-18 (Dayton) Eng-4 (Fairborn) Eng from Wright-Patterson AFB, Lad-2 (Dayton) Quint-4 (Fairborn) Chief-5 (Riverside) East-2 (District Chief/Dayton)

Mike Linthicum [MVBN-1]
Miami Valley Breaking News



On Sunday, January 19, 2003, at 1355 hours (1:55 p.m.), nine companies of Los Angeles Firefighters, two Battalion Command Teams, and two LAFD Rescue Ambulances, under the direction of Battalion Commander Ralph Ramirez, respond to a structure fire at 436 South Clarence Street in the Boyle Heights area. First units on the scene reported a two-story 4-plex, with fire showing from one unit on the first floor. Fire Fighters using handlines aggressively attacked the fire while simultaneously conducting search and rescue operations, confined the fire to the kitchen area and extinguished the fire eight minutes. During the initial search and rescue of the involved unit, the body of a sixty-year old male confined to a wheelchair was found and declared dead on the scene. Two other male adults were injured during an attempted rescue of the victim; one suffered smoke inhalation and the other suffered a laceration to his right foot, both were transported to White Memorial Hospital good condition. No other injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is listed as under investigation. Fire damage is estimated at $25,000. ($20,000 structure and $5,000 contents)


James "Jim" R. Wells
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department
200 North Main Street, Room OCD-E423
Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA

Fax: (213) 485-2708
LAFD E-Mail: jrw0585@lafd.lacity.org
LAFD Website: http://www.lafd.org



*** Chester County Pennsylvania ***

Phoenixville Fire Department proudly protects 14,788 people living in an area of 4.5 square miles. We operate out of 3 stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a combination of paid and volunteer status. We have an ISO rating of 4/9.

Local alarms are handled with 1 Engine.

EMS incidents receive a BLS unit along with the Hospital based ALS unit when protocol requests.
An AED equipped Engine is also sent to all cardiac arrest incidents.

Box Alarms are handled by 3 Engines, 1 Truck, 1 Rescue and 1 Ambulance.

Come see us at: http://www.phoenixvillefire.com


Firefighting Seminar 2003,
Stark State College Auditorium,
North Canton, Ohio

February 15 & 16, 2003

Featuring FDNY BC John Salka and BC (ret) Dave Dodson.

Vendor expo & sales before, during and after show.
Catered lunch provided.
$40 for one day, $70 for both.

For info and registrations, call 330-491-1895 or fax 330-491-1896, or visit http://www.jacksonfirefighters.com

Don't miss the area's hottest annual fire seminar!

Kai Rieger
Seminar Coordinator
Jackson Professional Firefighters


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