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    cfire, not putting anyone with new ideas in their place. I am just saying have the ideas thought out before recommending. First off Fireade is not a foam. It is a derivitve of another product F500 (being basically the same chemically) Fireade and f500 were from another product ____________ . (see everyones true age in the fire service if they can figure out the name) Both F500 and this earlier product were not marketed as a foam, however a emulsifying agent that attacked hydrocarbons, isolating them thus making them non flammable. Also, according to ISO they are not recogniaed as a foam agent for your apparatus requirements. Your CAFS is a totally different animal.

    My thing is put the ideas out there, Lord knows I have had my share of them in the fire service. Some worked, some didn't but I went into them with a fact finding, rather than a all knowing. Guys, here is my idea, what/or could be wrong in my process. Your relation to the idea is totally different. The CAFS is being used immediately on the coal mine fire, not potentially stored for months pressurized in lightweight aluminum
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    Within the past year or so, we started experimenting with this and have had pretty good success with it.
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