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    Default Fire related software for the Pocket PC

    I own a compaq pocket pc which I use for both business and personal reasons. I am looking for software that will help me integrate my pocket pc into firefighting however I am finding it hard to locate fire and ems related software for the windows 2002CE operating system. If anyone can direct me to a website or something that can help me locate this software I would greatly appreciate it.

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    There are not as many as you can get with a Palm operating system. I went from a Palm Vx to a Compaq 3955, and although I would not go back to a Palm, I am finding it difficult to find programs for Fire and EMS.

    There are some advertisments in Firehouse and Jems, and there is a banner on this web site. Most of the programs that I found cost a little more than I want to spend for the amount of use they would get.

    You may have to download something from the internet in Word and just put it on the ipaq. This way you can have it as a template and save it as the file you want. Also if you have Excel on your computer you can make your own forms and load them into the ipaq.


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    Not sure if this is the type of thing your looking for, but you can use Microsoft Streets and Tips with a handheld.

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