What does everyone consider to be a good brush truck. Looking into some State grant possibilities on some new brush trucks. Would like to get 2 ton 4x4 trucks and put 1-1200 gallon tanks with engine driven pumps. We currently run 1 ton dually 4x4's with 400 gallon tanks and booster lines,and 2 wheel drive 2 ton trucks with 1200 gallon poly tanks, booster lines and 13/4 lines. Currently go off road with them. Most of our fires are grass fires. 2 tons also perform the structure fighting role in our district. We have 4 stations. Most of our 2 ton trucks are 25-35 years old. They were used trucks when they were bought. District has never had a new truck. Grant for 2 ton trucks would limit us to 3 trucks at about 125,000 apiece and possibly a 11/4 ton fast attack. If grant deal doesn't work out, am thinking about getting a couple of Forestry 21/2 ton 6x6 Army trucks. Any body want to share their experience with the old army trucks. Neighboring district has some and seems to get along fine with them. They are big and slow, but seem to plow mud good. Got a fema grant this year for SCBA, Turnout and Grass suits. Going for more Structure equipment next year.