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    Question Cold weather and scott packs

    I was wondering....in my county we use msa airpacks. Ive noticed that when its around 45 degrees or colder that the low pressure hose connection gets frozen to the regulator. I was wondering if the scott packs have a tendency of the regulator freezing to the face peice?
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    We use Scott's at our department & I have never had it freeze to me yet....

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    We use all Scott, and have had a problem with a leak between the low pressure hose and the regulator, but it has not frozen up. Last week we had two paks go down for a leak between the high pressure hose and the elbow that connects to the bottle. All these problems seem to be more frequent during outdoor use in the cold (below 40 degrees).

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    We use 45-minute Scotts. It's been real busy, and real cold lately. The other nite after catching back to back jobs in 6 degree weather (-15 with wind) a couple froze up on us.We put them back on the rig to thaw out. I would say it's not the norm to freeze, and the Scotts take a beating and a half!!

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