I am a fire officer from Scotland and have designed a piece of equipment to allow premises to be evacuated safely and quickly, even in total darkness.
It is called a “SIMLINE” and consists of a thin rope, which is fitted at waist height along emergency escape routes.
The rope has directional indicators that are rough in one direction and smooth in the opposite direction, when grasped by a person. If you grasp the line and the indicator feels smooth, this means you are heading towards an exit. The indicators are also luminous and will glow in the dark for a number of hours after any light has been removed.
Imagine the security it would give to occupants in knowing that they will have physical contact with a piece of equipment that will lead them directly to an exit.
The other advantage of the system is that it allows Fire crews to use the SIMLINE to locate the fire quicker and hopefully extinguish it faster, reducing the amount of fire damage and subsequent insurance claims. Recent terrorist events have identified the need for new, innovative equipment to evacuate premises quickly and safely and the SIMLINE would be more than capable of carrying out this task.
The system has been endorsed by most of the Scottish fire brigades and has won the BBC television “Tomorrows World” award for innovation. The system is ready for the world wide market and could be effective in your Homeland defense Strategy for applications in certain buildings. I have done many presentations on the system and would be more than willing to travel to the USA to discuss the design and introduce the SIMLINE to a wider audience.

For more information on the SIMLINE, visit www.simline.co.uk