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    Default Looking for Fire Hose Exit marking system

    Looking for ideas, companies, supplies to mark exiting directions etc.. on attack lines... I have sen the bernard system.. Is there any thing else available....

    Thanks for the comments I know what you mean about the coupling we do teach and practice this... but don't you think that with 100' hose lengths, when/if your would ever become confused, lose the line and not know which way to go... it could be a long ways and precious time to find the next coupling only to discover you've went the wrong way...
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    Default Wayout Directional Fire Hose Band

    Here is one.


    I don't think the Bernard Easy Exit is currently being marketed any longer... Clement's web site doesn't exist and suppliers are saying it's no longer available.
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    Well, in my opinion the way out is already marked on every single piece of hose made, unless you're using stortz couplings on attack lines. Teach your guys to feel the couplings, if they can remember that the female end is at the truck and the male end is at the nozzle then all they have to do is practice feeling the couplings. Once they learn to tell which is which with the couplings connected, they'll know which way to go.

    I teach it as this:

    Practice this, and spend your money on better things, besides, you could easily have someone put one of those "pointing bands" on your hose wrong leading you deeper into the building.

    JUST MY THOUGHTS! Good Luck.
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    CO Fire you beat me by a few minutes. I agree that we have better things for our budgets and if you have a system in place use it to its utmost.
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    I agree with CO.

    Just how long does it take you to crawl 100'? Drill on following a hose line. I think that you will find that it doesn't take that long. Also how many fires have you been in where the line is left in the building. If the firefighter goes the wrong way he will run into an engine crew that can help.

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    Default Easy as.....tail!

    Since I am very hetrosexual male, I find
    it very easy to remember the simply phrase-

    "Follow your female out."

    Think of yourself at a bar and you see the
    girl of your dreams leaving. Just folow
    her out or some example like that.

    PS- I do like those arrow bands at the
    PFC website. If you got the $$$, go for

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    Default hose marking products

    We currently use a similar product that is shown on the link ( I don;t know the manufacturer but it's just a rubber sleeve with a embossed arrow pointing out). When I went on the website they state to use (4) per every 50ft of hose ( total cost $60.00 ). We were going to install them as per the manufacturer but decided to get more lines done at the same time. What we did was use only 2 markers spaced 1/3 of the way down from each end. All of the members have been taught to feel the hose couplings to find the way out. So we have both couplings and 2 hose markers to help in getting out. This saves $30.00 and allowed all of our attact lines to get a set.
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