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    Default High Risk/High Stress

    What does everyone's department do with juniors on a high risk or high stress call. An example would be a double fatal MVA or a bomb threat. Just wondering what everyone's SOPS are.
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    Here is our sop's for a terrorist threat and I quote

    "The federal bureau of investigation defines terrorism as the unlawful use of force against persons or property intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in the furtherance of political or social objectives. Addressing a terrorist threat is the responsibility of the Raritan Township police department, (rtpd) the New Jersey state police, (njsp) and other state and federal agencies. Potential threats include incendiary, explosive, chemical, biological, and nuclear. Unless otherwise directed by the rtpd or other state or federal emergency response agency, no fire apparatus or fire department member shall respond to the scene of a reported terrorist threat

    Historically the most common threat received within the township has been those related to reported incendiary or explosive devices. Bomb threats have been called into local schools and the medical center.

    If while operating at the scene of any fire or hazardous material incident, an explosive device is discovered, all firefighters shall withdraw from the immediate area and notify the IC of the situation. The IC shall then immediately notify Hunterdon and request a rtpd officer.

    Aside from the primary safety considerations, it is critical that any firefighter locating a suspected explosive device does not move the item or otherwise disturb the area. As a potential crime scene, evidence must not be disturbed.

    If alerted for a reported bomb threat, all members shall report to their assigned station and stand-by for additional information.

    If requested to respond to the scene by a rtpd officer, apparatus shall respond in a non-emergency mode. No lights, no sirens, air horn, or other warning devices shall be utilized. With the exception of the chief, no member shall respond directly to the scene.

    While responding, radio communications shall be kept to a minimum. Once on scene, no radio communications shall be conducted. All necessary conversations and information shall be conducted face-to-face.

    Apparatus shall stage in an area so as not to interfere with the operations of the police department. Staging shall be located at least 1,000' away from the suspected explosive device. A clear area 1,000' both horizontally and vertically should be maintained. As a rule of thumb, if you can clearly see the bomb technician you are too close to the scene. Where possible apparatus shall be positioned away from windows, doors, and in general be shielded from flying debris in the event of an explosion.

    All members shall remain with their apparatus.

    Under no circumstance shall RTFC personal enter a structure or other area to assist in the search or removal of a bomb or other explosive device. Such actions shall only be conducted by the rtpd, or other designated police or military organization.

    Notification of release from the scene shall come from the highest ranking fire officer at the direction and approval of the police department."

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    Explorers here can not respond to the scene of a bomb, or terrorsit threat. If we do go to a Double Fatal, if there is a mandatory Counceling after the call, Explorers must go. We had this not to long ago, where a drunk driver hit an eldery couple that was stopped at the light. The drunk was going in excess of 100 mph and hit the elderly couple's gas tank. The car instantaneously blew up, and both were killed, and the drunk's car went airborne and he had one scratch. We had to go for counceling after the incident.

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    we have the option to go to a Critical Incident Stress Debrifing (CISD)
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    If we know we are reponding to a fatality call we live the JR's at the station however this is rarely the case so we limit there jobs on scene to suppport and keep them away fro the carnage and then we include them in the CSID.

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