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    Default Structural Collapse Training

    Does anyone know of where I can get info for training in the area of structural collapse. I have not been able to really find any good info on training. There does not seem to be many links or sites regarding this. PS, I did find a company out of PA last year, but am not able to locate this info again. Thanks

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    Default collapse training

    Try Rescuebus.com this is R&R rescue a columbus outfit. Very good programs with experienced instructors.

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    Default Collapse

    Yeah we had Rescuebus come and do some training for us. I would try
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    State Fire School - Bowling Green State University
    Structural Collapse Rescue
    Course # 24033

    Structures become weakened for many reasons: tornados, car crashes or explosions and gravity pulls them down. This course will prepare you and your fellow rescuers to safely deal with structural collapses and to rescue trapped victims. Instructors will provide detailed information from actual experience and lessons learned through their response to the World Trade Center collapse. You will be challenged in many hands-on sessions in cribbing, emergency building shoring, lifting and moving heavy objects, and breaching and breaking concrete as well as other rescue methods. The curriculum meets NFPA 1670, Standard for Technical Rescue Operations and Training to the Operational level of Collapse Rescue. Fee includes textbook.

    Prerequisites, Eligibility, and Special Requirements: FF1A, Basic Rope Rescue, Basic Trench Rescue You will be required to perform manual labor in many different situations and should be prepared to work outside in all weather conditions.

    Mandatory Equipment: Safety glasses or goggles, rescue or fire helmets, safety toe boots, and work gloves.

    Recommended Equipment: Kneepads, coveralls and hearing protection, framing hammer, tape measure and nail apron.

    Lead Instructor: Jack Reall, Columbus F.D., FEMA’s Ohio Task Force One
    Mitch Ross, Chief, Upper Arlington F.D. FEMA’s Ohio Task Force One
    Jack Reall and Mitch Ross are the R&R behind R&R Rescue Training. Mitch is the Fire Chief of the Upper Arlington Fire Division and serves as a Rescue Team Manager for Ohio Task Force 1. Jack is a Lieutenant with the Columbus Fire Division where he also serves as the IAFF Local 67 President. He is a Rescue Team Manager for Ohio Task Force 1.
    Assistant Instructors
    Ed Beacom
    Scott Benjamin
    Dave Bernzweig
    Jim Cannell
    Grant Light
    Matt Modlich
    James Montgomery
    Steve Shupert
    Jeff Young

    Fee: $ 395

    Registration is Open Now

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