Greetings all,

I am in the process of researching information regarding the implementation of a paid engineer or chauffeur's rank on our department. If you can assist in any way by supplying information, it would be greatly appreciated, as I plan to submit a report by March 1st. to my department's administration for further evaluation.

I'm looking for input from fire departments with between 100 - 200 (full time) shift personnel, who have a paid engineer or chauffeur's rank.

Here are the topics that I am researching and comparing: (please provide this information if possible)

-Your department's - 2003 1st class firefighter base pay
-Your department's - 2003 pay for an engineer's or chauffeur's rank
-Your department's - size (shift personnel, # of stations)
-Your department's - job description for the engineer or chauffeur's rank
-Your department's - testing procedures and personnel qualifications for the engineer or chauffeur's rank
-Does your department institute "ride out" or "fill in" pay for someone who fills in for the engineer/chauffer when they are gone? If so, how does it work? Is there a minimum number of hours to work in order to receive the pay?
-How many engineer/chauffeur's are there per apparatus per shift? (one per apparatus per shift? two per apparatus per shift, in case of sickness or vacation?).

And finally, what recommendations or advice would you give regarding the implementation of such a rank?

PLEASE respond to the BELOW E-MAIL ADDRESS, not the newgroup.

Thank you,

Bradley Love
Carmel Fire Department
Carmel Indiana