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    Cool duty nights

    In my dept. we are thinking of having duty nights for some of the oficers and I was wondering if any other dept. do that now and how does it seem to work out and if you have it for a night, week or just a few days and also if the officer on duty responds with his/her own car or a dept car?

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    We have duty night for all members. Duty runs from 18:00 to 05:00 the next morning. On weekends and Holidays, they are 24 hour shifts. We have 7 duty crews with sign ups on Saturday. This keeps them rotating. We try to get at least an engine driver and an officer on each crew, but it's not always possible.

    It seems to work well, at least we have somebody that we know will show up for the ambulance assists and tree in the road calls at o-dark-thirty.

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    We have a system where each member picks a night. The officers (4 Captains, 3 Lieutenants) each get a night as do the Drivers. We work toward having an officer, 2 drivers and 6 other people each night, with 2 of the "6 other" being an Ambulance Driver and EMT. Sometimes there is a need to move people around to "level" the ups and downs, but, neverless, the system works. As to responding, the 3 Chiefs have cars assigned 24/7, Lower ranking officers respond on the apparatus. With the several live-ins and about half of the duty crew staying overnight we maintain a good crew on a regular basis. Stay Safe....
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    We have paid crews in 6a-6p M-F, and volunteers the rest of the time. Vollies have to leave at least 12 shifts available per month on the schedule. We staff 3 engines and 2 ambulances on all vollie shifts. Everyone else is encouraged to be available the rest of the time if the fit hits the shan. Officers not scheduled on apparatus are "highly encouraged" to place themselves available with dispatch also. LT's and Capt's are supposed to respond to the station for apparatus for major incidents, unless they are very close to the scene, or would pass it on the way to the station. Or if everything cleared the house already. We all carry our gear in our POV's, and TX allows for all members to have red lights and sirens so direct response by officers is easier. As the other 2 guys said, it makes it really easy to figure how deep the manpower goes before the big one drops.

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    Smile Shifts

    Well your questionon shifts.

    Well Our department is a combo Dept. So our officers are
    fulltimers mostly. We just changed from our old way which
    was. A day crew-who worked from 5a-5p, Monday-Friday no
    holidays. Then we had 3 rotating Night crews(A,B,C) who
    we on duty 5p-5a every 3rd day, then 24hrs Sat&Sun. And
    each shift was to have a certain amount of EMT's for medical calls
    due to transport. Well we ran into the problem of "burnout"!!
    Our dept. averages 3,000+ calls a year. So for the sake of safety
    we put all ff/emt became parttime and they now man the stations
    as second person. and the volunteers became true volunteers and run when they want.

    Crews are great in that they instill "friendly"compotition(CCrew the best)And when you get the same people working together all the time they get to where they can anticipate each other. That creates a smooth running scene.


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    In my department we have had night duty shifts for some time. Our chief is the duty officer 0600-1800 M thru F. All of our other officers take a week...on duty 1800-0600 M-Th and they have the entire weekend from 1800 F-0600 M. We don't have any assigned chiefs car or duty officers car. Hope this helps.

    Stay Safe

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    Clinton VFD duty nights run from Friday night to Sunday Evening. They are broken up as follows:

    Friday: 2000-0800
    Saturday: 0800-2000 and 2000-0800
    Sunday: 0800-2000

    All other times are voluntary and the 4 Live-ins plus the 2 career staff ride all week. The 2 career people are at our disposal and can be assigned however we need them. Usually if there is a Volunteer driver in the house and no EMS people, they will run the Ambulance.

    Volunteer Officers must pull 4 duty shifts per month and to ensure an officer in house each night, they can pick whatever night they want.

    Regular members are required 2 shifts per month. However some people do not realize that it takes people to man the station and don't pull duty nights. To combat this, it was just made rule that in order to maintain your membership, you must pull your shifts or be excuses.

    We have one Chief, one Deputy Chief and one Assistant Chief.

    2 Captains
    3 Lieutenants
    1 Sergeant
    1 EMS Lt.
    1 EMS Sergeant.

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    we have a duty officer it is open to captains, lt's and ff's that have gone threw the duty officer class as well as approved by the chief. you sign up on a board at sta.1 in 12hr. shifts,from 6:00amto6:00pm then6:00pm to6:00am monday-sun. when the call drops you respond directly to the scene if your first to arrive you take command until a district or chief arrives. the duty vehicle is a 2000 chevy tahoe it has 800mhz radios and vhf also. it has small handtools as well as thermal imaging camera along with an airpack.

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    How we do it.
    Duty Crews start from Sunday to Thursday.
    In the Beginning of Each year members picks a day.
    So every week, on that day there is 3 EMTS/First Responders in the house from 1000 pm to 6 am.
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    Duty Shifts for our station are as follows:

    Duty Shifts
    Mon-Fri 18:00 to 06:00 12's
    Sat-Sun 06:00 to 06:00 24's
    Major Holidays 24's

    Shifts include
    1-Shift Officer

    Shift Officers are on a 6 day rotation with 7 officers on the roster. Each gets drop for 2weeks after Sunday shift.

    FF/EMT's are 2 shifts back to back. This is because of a residents program that we have. It is there reimbursment back to the city for their living arangments.

    All outside volunteers responed when available
    This program has been working well for the last 10 years or so.

    Hope this helps?

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    we dont have set shifts, every member just shows up if they can when they can.

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