Inwood fire destroys storage shed, nearly claiming a trailer

From News Chief staff

WINTER HAVEN--A fire broke out at an Inwood residence Sunday at about 5:50 p.m., destroying a storage unit and nearly setting fire to the adjacent mobile home.

According to Lt. Tony Crouse of the Polk County Fire Department, the structure was almost destroyed by the time firefighters arrived on the scene.

The first to arrive was an off-duty volunteer firefighter, said local residents, Phil and Chris Torrez.

According to Phil Torrez, the firefighter helped move residents out of harm's way and cleared the scene for emergency personnel, and he also helped contain the blaze with a hose until Winter Haven and Polk County firefighters arrived.

"I was impressed," said Phil Torrez. "He even hosed down the power line pole."

When firefighters arrived at the residence, he grabbed some gear and joined in the fight, said Torrez.

According to Lt. Crouse, the fire destroyed everything within the structure, including two cars.

Although one firefighter received a minor laceration, there were no serious injuries.

No determination of the the fire's cause could be provided by fire officials who said an investigation will be done. The identity of the off-duty firefighter was not provided.

Most of the possessions lost in the fire belonged to the resident living in the adjacent mobile home, located along Avenue G Northwest, just across from the Circle K service station, according to Lt. Crouse.