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    Default Help for a new engine company officer

    I am a new engine company officer in a combination department in upstate New york. I have been given the responsibility of runing the voulenteer engine company. I am in the process of redeveloping the current program for training of our engine drivers. I was wondering if anyone out there could give me any ideas on the things that would be good to add to my program. Any web sites or other ideas would be great. And allways I am a trucker but this is what i have ben given so I want to do my best with it. As allways thanks for the wise ideas BROTHERS...
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    I would try to stick to the State mandated references. The IFSTA and NFPA manuals are OK. You can use a DOT commercial driver's course manual (even though we don't need the CDL in NY). Whatever you do, try to keep it uniform if you use more than one reference book. There is nothing worse than getting two ways to do something and not knowing which way is better. Also give them lots of practice in different driving conditions. Also this web site has given some good info before. Responder Safety

    BTW say hi to Grandpa Dave from Brian in Elmira for me. We were in the academy together.
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    I have some information for you about drivers training, positioning and engine/truck information. It's in my desk at the firehouse but i'll get it for you asap!

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    Some of the most important things, besides how to drive and pump would be the parking of apparatus. Making sure up hill up wind from haz mat etc. One of the things that I have found good for me is a set of "run cards" I have been in the dept I am in now for a little over 1 year and been in the area for about 2 year. I still don't know all the small roads very well. So with the help of another Driver/operator made up these cards that have the exact directions to the roads in town. Now I am making these cards that were on a small notecard and putting them on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper and putting the written directions on the top and a map to get there on the bottom. On this map I am plotting the hydrants so if I am second I know exactly where the hydrant is and if I am the first due then I can radio back to the second due where the hydrant is. The other thing that is important to know is what building are sprinklered or standpiped and where the FDC is. Again in this book I have a list of the business in our city and each building that has a FDC is listed and I have a pic of the Connection and a larger pic with how to get there.

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    Default Driver Training


    When I was promoted to LT, one of the things that fell into my lap was driver training. Our department has implemented some new SOGs and training that have really improved our training program. If you would like some details, please send me a PM, and I can forward you the information.

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