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    Question membership

    what kinds of questions do you ask prospective members when/if you interview them?

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    What kind of people are you looking for when you interview a group of people? Are you looking for intellegent people? Ask about how they do in school. Are you looking for hard-working people? Ask about wether they have a job or are required to do chores around the house. Are you looking for dedicated people? Ask about other volunteer organizations they belong to and how long they've been a part of them. Are you looking for athletic people? Ask about the sports they play and the activities they do. Are you looking for moral people? Ask about their opinions on moral topics and what they would do if... questions.

    It's not "what should I ask", it's "why am I asking". You ask questions to get an answer, so if you know the answers, make the questions to fit them.

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    We ask the normal questions like why do yo want to be a fire dept, have you ever been in trouble with the cops, what are your interests in the fire service i.e long term goals like EMT, Firefighter Cert. or any specilized areas. and of course in the case of seniors and some times Jrs. would you be willing to lose your life to save some one else. This last usually seperates the people who are just screwing around from the serious future firefighters.

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    Why do you want to become a firefighter, have you ever got in trouble with the law, and acouple other i dont recall

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