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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

· STLFN: MURPHY (JEFFERSON Co.), MO: High Ridge FPD has a 1st Alarm structure fire at 1059 Gravois Road. 1st in unit reports heavy smoke showing and requests a 2nd Alarm. [STL819]. 12:49a.m.

· STLFN: MURPHY (JEFFERSON Co.), MO: High Ridge FPD has a 2nd Alarm structure fire at 1059 Gravois Road. 1st due pumper reported heavy smoke showing. [STL819]. 12:53a.m.

· STLFN: MURPHY (JEFFERSON Co.), MO: High Ridge FPD has a 3rd Alarm Equiv. for a commercial structure fire at 1059 Gravois Road. 4 additional pumpers are responding: 1924, 7710, 2434 & 1730. [STL819]. 1:32a.m.

· QUEENS, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box 2040 102 St. @ Russell St. 2 sty 20x40 pd. 3 lines run request CON ED. Wires down. NFI (MNS-516*IAP) * 4:10a.m.

· 2nd Alarm - BOSTON, MA: 910 Beacon St. near the Brookline Line. Heavy fire on arrival from a restaurant. C101 [TAC9-C811]. 5:27a.m.

· QUEENS, NY: 33-5118 **3rd Alarm** at 70-36 68 Place x Central Ave. Fire in a 2 sty frame 20x40 occupied private dwelling. *1 10-45 Code 2* [MNS342]. 6:09a.m.

· FITCHBURG, MA: MVA - South at Ellis St's. Jaws operating. S/C ladder 3 & add'l ambulance *154.25* [TAC9-C158]. 6:27a.m.

· QUEENS, NY: *3rd Alarm** Box 5118 @ 70-36 68Pl. @ Central Ave. Fire in a unk size dwelling. 4 l/s/o. Fire is now PWH. [EAN503]. 6:27a.m.

· U/D – QUEENS, NY: *3rd Alarm** Box 5118 @ 70-36 68Pl @ Central Ave. DIV 14 reports all visible fire is k/d. Secondary schs (-). Fire is now U/C. [EAN503]. 6:49a.m.

· 2nd Alarm – BROCKTON, MA: 144 Morraine Street. Co.'s report heavy smoke showing from a 3-sty wdfrm. People on 2nd floor. *154.310* [TAC9-C67]. 7:11a.m.

· HAMDEN, CT: MVA at State St. & Benton St. with entrapment. Jaws in use. CT19 [TAC9-C33]. 7:18a.m.

· 3rd Alarm – BROCKTON, MA: Box-2515 144 Morraine Street. 3-sty wdfrm. OIC reports all Co.'s out of building. Heavy fire condition. C105 *154.310* [TAC9-C67]. 7:24a.m.

· ATLANTA, GA: Bolton Rd. NW. Dwelling fire with 3 civilian burn victims – 2 critical. Fire now knocked down with three 1.75” handlines. Using 4 Engines, 1 Truck, MedCom, BC (McNeil). [HNAN DEWms]. 7:45a.m.

· U/D – BROCKTON, MA: 3rd Alarm Box-2515 144 Morraine Street. 3-sty occupied-heavy fire 3rd floor & attic-multi big lines operating. DWH. C105 *154.310* [TAC9-C67]. 7:51a.m.

· GLOUCESTER, MA: W/F Box 641 38 Riverview Rd. 2.5 story wdfr dwelling heavy smoke showing from top floors. *154.160* [TAC9-C31]. 8:00a.m.

· U/D – GLOUCESTER, MA: W/F Box 641 38 Riverview Rd. 2.5 story wdfr dwelling. Occupant trapped on deck at the rear of the house. Firefighters attempting rescue. *154.160* [TAC9-C31]. 8:03a.m.

· 2nd Alarm – GLOUCESTER, MA: Box 641 38 Riverview Rd. 2.5 story wdfr dwelling with heavy fire on top floors. *154.160* [TAC9-C31]. 8:20a.m.

· WEST HAVEN, CT: MVA Forest Rd at the Herman School. Jaws in use. Request for additional truck. CT19 [TAC9-C811]. 8:20a.m.

· SAUGUS, MA: W/F Box 47 104 Broadway (Route 1). Fire in a mobile home. *159.645* [TAC9-C461]. 8:39a.m.

· U/D – BROCKTON, MA: 3rd Alarm Box-2515 144 Morraine Street. OIC reports fire k/d. Checking for extension. *154.310* [TAC9-C67]. 8:43a.m.

· PROVIDENCE, RI: W/F Hamilton Street at Stanwood Street. Structure fire well involved. *151.220* C319 [TAC9-C461]. 9:10a.m.

· U/D - PROVIDENCE, RI: W/F Hamilton Street at Stanwood Street. Fire in a 3 story wood frame fully involved. Exterior attack. C319 [TAC9-C461]. 9:17a.m.

· WHITMAN, MA: W/F 475 Bedford Street (Route 18) "Stop & Shop". M/A for coverage. *470.400* C67/C227 [TAC9-C461]. 9:22a.m.

· OXFORD, ME: Snowmobile accident - 467 Main St. near the Big Apple Store. Serious injury. OIC requesting Lifeflight. *154.07/155.07* [TAC9-C31]. 9:59a.m.

· U/D - PROVIDENCE, RI: W/F Hamilton Street at Stanwood Street. Fire thru roof of a 3 story wood frame. (2) tower ladders operating & multiple handlines. C06/C339 O/S [TAC9-C461]. 10:02a.m.

· U/D – OXFORD, ME: Snowmobile accident 467 Main St. Both Maine Lifeflights unavailable as is DHART from NH. 17 yr male with serious head & back injuries. *154.07/155.07* [TAC9-C31]. 10:06a.m.

· CRANSTON, RI: ACW 102 Lake St. Fire in a 1 story wood frame. Fire on floor 1. Fire k/d to 1 room. *154.010* C303 [TAC9-C319]. 11:00a.m.

· PORTLAND, CT: MVA/Jaws - Route 66 on the bridge. M/A from Middletown. CT//19 [TAC9-C122]. 11:01a.m.

· STLFN: Overnight Rpt: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD had a 1st alarm fire in a motel in the 2500 blk of N. Grand. Heavy smoke on arrival - at least two lines used. / East St. Louis IL had a house fire at 16th & Ohio. House well involved. [STL810]. 11:10a.m.

· PITTSFIELD, ME: W/F 14 High Street. Heavy smoke showing from the rear of the structure. M/A en-route. *155.100* [TAC9-C122]. 11:49a.m.

· MFN: ANNE ARUNDEL Co., MD: *2nd Alarm/bldg/ box 30-15/ ops kilo/ 8107 Dewberry Circle/ Fire through roof. [MFN-8]. 12:47p.m.

· PASADENA (ANNE ARUNDEL Co.), MD: *2nd Alarm* 8107 Dewberry Cir/ Heavy fire thru the roof of a dwelling. (DC51). 12:47p.m.

· ANNE ARUNDEL Co., MD. Update **2nd Alarm** 8107 Dewberry Circle (Co30-Armitage). Fire 2nd flr rear 3-sty apt bldg/ Bulk of fire knocked dwn/ Checking for extension/ MON 800 KILO [DC2]. 12:52p.m.

· HARTFORD CT: W/F 138 Martin St. Reported smoke showing from floor 2 of an u/k type structure. CT19 [TAC9-C06]. 1:03p.m.

· KINSTON, NC: *Plane Crash* Global Transpark Complex on Hwy 58. Unk size plane rptdly into a bldg. Large loom up at site [CFP*763]. 1:07p.m.

· PASADENA, MD: U/D *2nd Alarm* AACo. Co#30 Armiger/ 8107 Dewberry Cir "Marley Run Apts" Fire on top floor of 3sty luxury apt/ 1 civ being eval/ under control/ M-A transfers. (DC51o/s). 1:24p.m.

· QUEENS, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box 269 JFK Airport - Airport Emer. Response. NFI (MNS-30*IAP) * 1:29p.m.

· QUEENS, NY: *Aircraft Emergency* 2nd Alarm* Airplane now landed safely w/smoke in the cabin. 2nd alarm assigned as a precaution. [EAN388/503]. 1:35p.m.

· U/D QUEENS, NY: **2nd Alarm** (Auto 2nd Alm) Box 269 JFK Airport. A plane on taxiway. Smk cond in cargo hole. NFI (MNS-30*IAP) * 1:35p.m.

· U/D – QUEENS, NY: **2nd Alarm** JFK Airport. Cargo plane with smk cond in cargo area. No passengers just crew on board. DIV-13 10-20 units not o/s of 2nd alarm. (MNS-30*IAP) * 1:38p.m.

· U/D – QUEENS, NY: *Aircraft Emergency* 2nd Alarm* Box 269 @ Kennedy Airport. 3 crewmembers being evaluated. Cargo plane on runway w/smoke in cargo hold. PAPD o/s doing search of aircraft. [EAN388/503]. 1:39p.m.

· U/D KINSTON (LENOIR Co.), NC: *Multi Alm* Hwy58 @ West Pharmaceuticals *Not Plane Crash* Lrg explosion @ plant w/severe burn pts. Numerous Medical Helos in w/ext Fire & EMS Mutual Aid. Aerials up & working. [CFP*763]. 1:44p.m.

· U/D – QUEENS, NY: **2nd Alarm** JFK Airport a cargo plane with odor - no smk in cargo hole. PAPD units on board. All cargo will be off loaded & inspected. MNS3 (MNS-30*IAP) * 1:58p.m.

· NORCO, LA: *Explosion & fire* at the Shell Oil Refinery in a 6-story coke unit. Fire continues to burn. Roads to area shut down. [NOLA]. 2:22p.m.

· KINSTON, NC: *Explosion, Multi-Alarm on Hwy 58 @ West Pharmaceuticals. Explosion and fire ongoing for 2 hrs. Live feed on CNN. Still ongoing. Nums victims expected. [CFP763*517/508]. 2:26p.m.

· BECHTELSVILLE, PA: 4th Alarm next to 168 Chestnut St. Hvy fire in a apt bldg. [PA33/EAN10]. 3:04p.m.

· BROOKLYN, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box 716 aof 581 Bushwick Ave @ Melrose St. 2 brk 25x40 pd. Fire 1st fl. 2 lines run. DIV-11. (MNS-30*IAP) * 3:49p.m.

· U/D – BROOKLYN, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box 716 aof 581 Bushwick Ave @ Melrose. 2 brk 25x40 pd. Fire 1st fl rear / fire into exp2. 2 lines into fire bldg, 1 line exp2, 1 line in rear. BN-28 SAFETY COR, BN-57 COMCORD, DIV-11 I/C (MNS-30*IAP) * 3:56p.m.

· BECHTELSVILLE, PA: A 5th Alarm 168 E. Chestnut St. Apt bldg fully inv. Sev'l injs. M/A to work/cover. [PA33/EAN10]. 4:06p.m.

· BROOKLYN, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box 716 @ 577 Bushwick Ave. Fire is in a 2sty brick fire is in the setback and in the cockloft. 5-l/s/o and poss ext to exp 4. Fire remains doubtful. [EAN388]. 4:07p.m.

· U/D – BROOKLYN, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box 716 aof 581 Bushwick Ave @ Melrose. 2 brk 25x40 pf. Fire 1st fl rear ext/to exp2. 5 lines run. S/C TK. DIV-11 I/C. (MNS-30*IAP) * 4:15p.m.

· U/D – BROOKLYN, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box 716 aof 581 Bushwick Ave @ Melrose: 2 brk 25x40 ext to exp2. Fire in exp2 k/d / Pri sch neg exp2. Request CON ED Elec. DWH. DIV-11. (MNS-30*IAP) * 4:19p.m.

· EASTON, MA: W/F 5 Laurel Drive. Companies report fire showing from a 2-story wood frame occupied dwelling. *471.175* C51/C105 [TAC9-C461]. 4:25p.m.

· U/D BROOKLYN, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box 716 aof 581 Bushwick Ave @ Melrose: Corr size up 2 frm. 20x100 comml 1st fl w/dwellings above. Pri sch neg 1st fl. Fire is PWH - DIV-11 I/C. *FINAL* (MNS-30*IAP) * 4:28p.m.

· NASHUA, NH: MVA Main & Montgomery Ave. Head on collision with entrapment. Jaws at work. 2nd ambulance requested from Hudson. *154.325* [TAC9-C31]. 4:38p.m.

· U/D - EASTON, MA: W/F 5 Laurel Dr. OIC reports hvy fire floor 2 of a 2-story wood frame apartment over garage. Companies have backed out of floor 2 due to hvy fire. M/A to cover and work. *471.175* C461/C105 [TAC9-C51]. 4:42p.m.

· MONROE, CT: MVA Main St. @ Townline. Reported rollover w/ 1-pinned. Jaws working. CT173 [TAC9-C51]. 4:44p.m.

· U/D - KINSTON, NC: ***Multi-Alarm*** Explosion & fire at West Pharm. Fire still burning & rescue ops continue. At least 8 fatalities & num critical injs. Evacs of surrounding area. Unk cause. [CFP*599]. 5:14p.m.

· KENNEBUNK, ME: ACW Maine Turnpike Exit 3 Plaza near Burger King. 40ft box trailer full of wood chips - heavily involved. Extended operations. *453.025* [TAC9-C31]. 6:00p.m.

· MANCHESTER, NH: W/F 141 Tiffany Lane. Garage fire. First engine in reports heavy fire showing. *800 TRUNK* [TAC9-C31]. 6:10p.m.

· STLFN: CHESTERFIELD (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Chesterfield FPD *1st Alarm* @ Will's Trace x Kehrs Mill Rd. Hvy fire in a 2-sty house under construction. 2 lines off & a supply line laid. [STL899]. 6:25p.m.

· U/D - MANCHESTER, NH: W/F 141 Tiffany Ln. 1.5 story 20x20' garage attached to a 1.5 story 20x30' house. OIC reports heavy fire k/d. Co's overhauling. *800 TRUNK* [TAC9-C31]. 6:32p.m.

· CHELMSFORD, MA: W/F 34 Pine Hill Rd. Garage fire. *33.76* [TAC9-C31]. 6:54p.m.

· STLFN: U/D Chesterfield FPD's *1st Alarm* @ Will's Trace x Kehrs Mill Rd. Command reports fire is u/c. Location of fire is in the city limits of WILDWOOD (ST.LOUIS Co.),MO. [STL899]. 6:55p.m.

· U/D – CHELMSFORD, MA: W/F 34 Pine Hill Rd. Fire in the attic of a 25 x40' commercial garage. Companies having trouble gaining entry. *33.76* [TAC9-C31]. 7:01p.m.

· 2nd Alarm - TORONTO (ONTARIO), CANADA: 610 University Av. Fire 2nd fl Mt. Sinai Hospital. Hvy smk. 9-3-3 operating. TFN332 [TORONTO FIRENET-TAC9]. 7:25p.m.

· TORONTO (ONTARIO), CANADA: 3rd Alarm Equiv. 600-610 University Av. Fire 2nd fl of hospital. 24 Companies. Fire now U/C. TFN332 [TORONTO FIRENET-TAC9]. 8:04p.m.

· STLFN: FLORISSANT (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Florissant FPD has a 1st Alarm house fire on Aubochon near Teson. 1st in pumper reports heavy smoke showing. An additional 2 pumpers have been requested for water shuttle. This was originally dispatched as a 1st Alarm for Robertson FPD. [STL819]. 10:59p.m.

· GLEN RIDGE (ESSEX Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** 500 Block of Ridgewood Ave. 2 lines working on a basement fire in a 2.5sty frame. DWH. [EAN301]. 11:17p.m.

· STLFN: FLORISSANT (ST LOUIS Co.), MO. U/D on Florissant FPD's 1st Alarm house fire. The address is now being given as 5050 Aubuchon. Another pumper has been dispatched to the scene. [STL819]. 11:49p.m.


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- 1038
Oakwood FD (Cuyahoga): W/F 26307 Tryon Rd. House fire. Cos: Eng 2, Squad 2. M/A Bedford FD Eng 13. Contractor 'Drilled' thru Main Electrical Line. Fire in walls. CEI S/C'd. FPO/D703 ©

- 2221
Lancaster, PA FD: W/F 400 Block of South Marshall St. 2 Sty Middle-Of-Row house well off. Cos: Eng 643, 641, Lad 641, 642, RS 641, Chief 64. NFI ATT. FPO/X-214/D260 ©

- 2324
Dayton FD: W/F 222 Hunter Ave. Basement fire in 2 sty house. Cos: Eng 2, 8, 12, Lad 2, 11, East DC, Med 8, Senior Paramedic. 2 victims treated by Med 8. FPO/257/D703 ©

- 2347
Cleveland FD: (Delayed) W/F East 120 & St. Clair Ave. BN 6 reported fire in a 1 sty comm'l bldg. Cos: Eng 30, 22, Lad 30, Squad 3, & BN 6. Eng 31 - Worker. Lad 31 - RIT. FPO/D700 ©

- 2359
Warren FD: W/F 2127 Benton SE. Heavy smoke from 2nd floor of a 2.5 sty Duplex with possible extension to 2133. Cos: Eng 5, Lad 1, Squad 1, Res1cuE, Car 11, 12, Med*Star Med 1. FPO/258*/D703 ©

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On Wednesday, January 29, 2003 at 0757 Hours (7:57 AM PST), nine Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters, including an LAFD Hazardous Materials Task Force, three LAFD Rescue Ambulances, one EMS District Captain and three Chief Officer Command Teams, all under the direction of LAFD 7th Battalion Commander Ralph Ramirez responded to a Hazardous Materials Investigation near 1422 South Mirasol Street in the South Boyle Heights area. The first Company to arrive on scene reported a modest orange-yellow plume emanating from a 150’ x 100’ metal clad industrial structure. Firefighters immediately secured a perimeter and staged upwind while assessing the scene, and were soon met by two uninjured and non-contaminated employees from Brenntag West, a chemical distribution firm operating the plant in question. According to the men, they had been alone and performing an otherwise routine mixing of Sulfuric Acid, Nitric Acid, Ferrous Sulfate and Water in the manufacture of military cleaning solvent when a vapor plume suddenly and abnormally appeared. LAFD Hazardous Materials experts clad in specialized attire entered the site and using sophisticated instruments, performed a comprehensive analysis of the product, which remained completely within a 3,500-gallon vat. An analysis of the vat and environment within the structure determined no current or escalating danger. No injuries were reported. After conferring with officials from the Los Angeles County Health Department, Firefighters turned control of the scene over to investigative from that agency.



On Wednesday, January 29, 2003 at 1145 Hours (11:45 AM PST), four Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters, including an LAFD Hazardous Materials Task Force, one LAFD Rescue Ambulance, one EMS District Captain and one Hazardous Materials Team from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, all under the direction of LAFD 6th Battalion Commander Douglas Barry responded to a Hazardous Materials Investigation at 701 East New Dock Street on Terminal Island. The first Company to arrive on scene at the Matson Container Terminal was directed to a remote location where a small amount of liquid was leaking from within a 20’ metal shipping container. The Los Angeles County Firefighters, who had been training with LAFD members nearby, responded to the incident in a support role. LAFD Hazardous Material experts donned fully encapsulated protective attire and forced entry into the shipping container to discover one of several 55-gallon drums slowly leaking a pesticide. The leak was quickly stopped by leveling the drum and tightening a threaded cap. Firefighters determined there was no escalating danger, and no injuries were reported. After conferring with shipping line and Los Angeles County Health Department officials, Firefighters allowed those agencies and a private on-site cleanup crew to take control of the scene.

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department
200 North Main Street, Room OCD - E423
Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA

Fax: (213) 485-2708
LAFD E-Mail: beh9593@lafd.lacity.org
LAFD Website: http://www.lafd.org


Unusual incident/rescue Blue Springs, MO Central Jackson County FPD.

19-yr old male rescued by aerial truck from overhead telephone lines. Patient was driving a Jeep, went off the road and rolled the vehicle several times. He was ejected and flew approximately 25 feet into the air hitting overhead utility lines (telephone and telecable lines and electric neutral line)to which he grabbed onto so he would not fall to the ground. Patient conscious and alert with only very minor injuries, rescued by aerial ladder. Only a few feet above his head was 11.7kV power lines.



Bronx, N.Y. 01/29/03 @ 15:30 hrs.
Tremont Section

Box 3105
address: 620 East 178th. Street
between: Arthur Ave. & Hughes Ave.

3105 @ 15:22
Engs. 88, 46
Lads. 27, 31
Batt. 18
Rescue Co. #3 assigned

10 - 75 - 3105 @ 15:25
TowerLadder 44 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Engs. 82, 45
Squad Co. #41
Batt. 17
Division 7

Fire Building:
6 Story Brick 75 x 150 O. M. D.
Surrounding Properties:
Exp. #1: Is a Street
Exp. #2: Is a Street
Exp. #3: Is a Parking Lot
Exp. #4: -------------------

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 3105 @ 15:27
Batt. 18 reports, Using All - Hands on arrival.
Special Call an additional Engine & Truck.

@ 15:27 Engine 75 & Ladder 38 are s/c

@ 15:32 Batt. 18:
Using All - Hands for a fire in a 2nd. floor apartment of a 6 story occupied multiple dwelling. 2 - lines stretched, 1 - line in operation. 2nd. line stretched as a precautionary. Main body of fire has been knocked down. Searches are in progress.

@ 15:34 Division 7:
2 - lines stretched, 1 - line in operation. Primary search still in progress. Special Call an additional Truck.

@ 15:34 TowerLadder 58 is s/c

@ 15:36 Division 7:
Primary search of the fire apt. is negative, and primary search of the floor above is negative.

@ 15:38 Division 7:
Primary search on all floors are negative. Main body of fire has been knocked down. Truck Cos. are "Opening Up" "K"

@ 15:49 Division 7:
Secondary searches completed and are negative. Fire UnderControl.


Brooklyn, N.Y. 01/29/03 @ 16:30 hrs.
Bushwick Section

Box 716
address: 581 Bushwick Ave.
between: Arion Place & Melrose St.

716 @ 16:22
Engs. 218, 230, 237
Lads. 108, 112
Batt. 35

10 - 75 - 716 @ 16:27
TowerLadder 111 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 217
Rescue Co. #2
Squad Co. #252
Batt. 37 Division 11

Fire Building:
2 Story Frame 30 x 100 Vacant Dwelling
Surrounding Properties:
exp. #1: Is a Street
Exp. #2: Is a Similar Type attach
Exp. #3: Is a Rear Yard
Exp. #4: Is a 4 Story Occupied Multiple Dwelling

@ 16:33 Batt. 35 reports:
Were using 2 Engs. & 2 Tks. with the rest standing fast. We have a heavy smoke condition in a 2 story frame multiple dwelling. Primary search is in progress. Trying to locate the seat of the fire at this time. We have 1 - line stretched & in operation.

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 716 @ 16:35
Batt. 35 reports, Were now using All - hands. Have located the fire in the rear of the 1st. floor. Primary search of the 2nd. floor is negative. Primary search of the 1st. floor still in progress. Truck's are "Opening Up" Now stretching a 2nd. line. Doubtful.

@ 16:43 Special Call an additional Engine & Truck.
Eng. 216 & TowerLadder 124 are s/c
However, Division 11 advises, TowerLadder 124 is on the scene. Ladder Co. 102 is now s/c

Second Alarm:
2 - 2 - 716 @ 16:46
Engs. 222, 277, 214
Eng. 207 / Satalite 6
Batt. 28 "Safety Cord."
Batt. 57 "Comm. Cord."
Special Operations Battalion / Safety Battalion
Fieldcom 1 / Tac. Support Unit #1
Car 9 Brooklyn Borough commander

@ 16:52 Division 11 reports:
4 - lines stretched & in operation. 2 - lines stretched into the Fire Bldg. 1 - line stretched to Exp. #2, of which we now have fire in. 1 - line stretched to the rear. This fire is Doubtful Will Hold.

(missed a progress report here due to extreme "Server Buffering" )

@ 17:00 Special Call an additional Truck. TowerLadder 119 is s/c

@ 17:06 Special Call ( 2 ) additional Trucks. Lad. 104 & T.L. 146 s/c

@ 17:17 Fieldcom 1:
All visible fire has been extinguished in Exp. #2. Primary search of Exp. #2 is negative. Fire is Still Doubtful.

@ 17:24 Fieldcom 1:
Fire is Probably Will Hold

@ 17:39 Fieldcom 1:
Secondary searches are in progress. Fire is UnderControl.

@ 17:50 Fieldcom 1:
Secondary searches completed & are negative in both the Fire Bldg.
and Exp. #2.




"Given the more than 500,000 hectares already fire affected in southern New South Wales, we hold significant concerns that these conditions will result in embers being carried forward over our containment lines, leading to spot fires developing in the very dry conditions," said NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Phil Koperberg.

"It is essential that residents in these areas take all possible precautions around their homes and implement their fire safety plans over the course of tomorrow."

"We will have numerous firefighting Task Forces deployed across the region to bolster crews already tasked to firefighting. There will be in excess of 2,000 firefighters in the field who will be building upon containment work done over the last few mild days in order to protect these communities. We will also have around 80 aircraft ready to help quickly identify these spot fires and move in and waterbomb them in concert with our ground based firefighters"

"We are urging residents in these areas not to be alarmed but to take all prudent steps to assist firefighters in protecting their homes."

Residents in and around the following communities are warned to be on alert for the potential of bushfire in their area:
Williamsdale Michelago Collinton Popong
Rocky Plains Moonbah Shannons Flat Jindabyne
Alpine Way Ingebirah Adaminaby Yaouk Valley
Wee Jasper Mullian Wallaroo Road Eucumbene Cove


· Clear ground fuels around the house (long, dry grass, dead leaves and branches, thick undergrowth), reduce fire fuels, clear gutters
· Prepare firebreaks keep pasture growth down
· Close screens or shutters and enclose underfloor areas if possible
· Remove flammable items from around the house (eg. door mats, woodpile, and obvious flammable materials such as paper, boxes, crates, wooden garden furniture etc)
· Ensure LPG gas tank vents are directed away from the house
· Ensure sufficient Water Supplies and Fire Fighting Equipment.
· Check water, taps and hoses. Ensure that hoses are long enough to reach all sides of house. Use heavy duty hoses with wide-spray nozzles, if possible.
· Reserve water supplies from tank, dam, or swimming pool, if possible, since mains water will be in high demand.
· Check petrol or diesel portable pump, if you have one, to ensure it starts easily.
· Check any installed sprinkler system in your garden and on roofing.
· Gather buckets (preferably metal), mops, spray backpack units, ladders, rakes and shovels in one place for ready access during a fire.
· Battery operated radio and torches in case of electricity failure.


· Plan for your personal protection before a fire. Decide who's the boss and who goes, who stays.
· Plan for the safety of all family members: special plans should be made for young children, elderly persons, disabled persons and those unable to handle the trauma of bush fire.
· If you intend to re-locate any members of the family, plan well ahead of time where to stay, how to make the decision to leave, and how to travel (remember, leave well before the fire front arrives).
· For those who remain, ensure each person has suitable clothing, including sturdy leather footwear, long pants and a long sleeved shirt or jumper (pure wool or cotton offers the best protection from sparks and embers), a broad brimmed hat, goggles for eye protection, handkerchiefs to tie over nose and mouth, wet towels to drapeover neck, and bottles for drinking water.


· Listen to the radio for news of the fire progress, rather than calling emergency services for information.
· Organise and pre-pack.
· Dress in protective clothing, drink water frequently.
· Wet-down roof, house and garden, especially on the side of the approaching fire. Turn on sprinkler system, if you have one.
· Stop downpipes and fill gutters with water.
· Fill baths, sinks and buckets with water for extinguishing small fires and for drinking.
· Bring in hoses so they don't get burnt
· As the fire approaches, go inside and remain inside until the fire has passed.
· Place wet towels and blankets against gaps under doors and windows.
· Close heavy curtains, and shutters, if you have them.
· After the fire has passed and for several hours after the fire front has passed, patrol your property and put out spot fires started by flying embers.
· Check roof cavity frequently for spot fires.



The Elizabeth, NJ Fire Department Unofficial Web Site can be view by Clicking on the following address http://www.elizabethnjfire.com



Dear Friend of the LAFD.

The pride and sense of purpose displayed by Firefighters at our Neighborhood Fire Stations is shared by the career Firefighters who expertly staff the LAFD 9-1-1 Center, also known as the Operations Control Dispatch Section or "OCD".

Many people in the region listen to the actions of these Firefighter/Dispatchers by monitoring voice radio communications via a scanner radio. In fact, the LAFD was the first major public safety agency in the world to publish its radio frequencies on the Internet. You can view this information today at:


Many people ask about the re-broadcast of LAFD audio via the Internet. We've created a page specifically to answer your questions about Live Streaming Audio:


You may be surprised by some of the astounding statistics associated with call processing and dispatching of resources from LAFD's leanly staffed OCD.

All Statistics are Fiscal Year 2001/2002...

- Telephone Calls Processed

Telephone calls processed is defined as incoming or outgoing and completed or incomplete (busy signal, no answer, etc) calls. The total number telephone calls processed at OCD during fiscal year 2001-2002 was 1,123,182 calls.

- Completed Calls

Completed calls are defined as calls that were answered. A busy signal or no answer, etc, would not be considered as a completed call therefore is not counted in this category.

Total Public Agency Emergency Calls 97,571 Calls
Total General Public Emergency Calls 321,382 Calls
Total Emergency Calls 418,953 Calls
Total Non-Emergency Calls 168,542 Calls
Total Outgoing Calls 161,968 Calls

Grand Total Incoming and Outgoing Calls 749,463 Calls

THAT ARE 9-1-1: 87%

Overall Total Number of Calls Counted 1,123,182 Calls
Overall Total Duration 25,571 Hours

- Call Processing Statistics

Call processing statistics is based on an average. This average is a general overall average and does not take into account spikes in call activity where calls are waiting or the caller drops off the line (abandoned). The standard that the call taker has for completion of a call is: Process the call to its completion. That may include staying on the line with the caller until help arrives, or providing what ever help is needed.

Within 10 Seconds 98%

Average Answer Time (911 calls only) 5 seconds

Average Call Processing Time 95 seconds

Abandoned Calls 4,989 calls

- Incidents Created and Dispatched

As a result of the calls received at OCD incidents were created and dispatched. If multiple calls are received on a single incident, multiple incidents may be created but only one will be dispatched.

- Incidents Created

Non-EMS- 119,208
EMS 294,042
Total 413,250

- Incidents Dispatched

Non-EMS 64,637
EMS 274,233
Total 338,870

- Resource Response

A resource response is anytime a resource is assigned to an incident with an incident number.

Fire Company Responses 363,023
Rescue Ambulance Responses 290,482

Total Resource Response 653,505

Radio Traffic Statistics

A radio transmission is any transmission for any type of radio that is recorded by the voice recorder.

Total Recorded Transmissions 1,184,056 Transmissions
Total Hours of Transmission 7,568.64 Hours

I think you'll agree that given our staffing, these numbers are impressive. If you'd like to learn more about our daily endeavors, we welcome you to visit a Neighborhood Fire Station:


...or to plan a family outing to see our many special displays and demonstrations during our Annual Fire Service Recognition Day to be held on May 10th. Mark your calendars today, it's going to be a day to remember!


For the latest information on LAFD significant incident, special events and seasonal safety, please visit:


Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department
200 North Main Street, Room OCD - E423
Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA

Fax: (213) 485-2708
LAFD E-Mail: beh9593@lafd.lacity.org
LAFD Website: http://www.lafd.org


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If you are interested in Michigan Fire / Police & EMS incidents, FNNM is the your "Link to major public safety events as they happen". Founded in 1993, for the hobbyist and professionals, we pride ourselves on our professional staff of dispatchers that work in all lines of the public safety field. Our incidents are paged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All incidents are confirmed and timely.

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