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    Exclamation BEautiful Dalmation due to be put to sleep!! HELP! In Memphis, TN

    There is a beautiful 10 month old female Dalmation going to be put to sleep on the 7th!!!!! Come on someone!! This is a firedog looking for a home!!! I have no affiliation what so ever with this animal shelter, I just found out about this beautiful baby, and decided to try to help her. Here is the info: in holding, cage 513 - 71758 - dalmation - F - 10 months - due out 2/6, which means put to sleep the next day, I think!!!
    The Memphis Animal Shelter is located at 3456 Tchulahoma Rd. in Memphis, TN, Phone # 901-362-5310. Normal hours are Tues - Fri 10 to 5 and Mon and Sat 10 to 3. Adoptions till 4:45 and 2:45 respectively. Adoption fee for dogs is $50 -- includes heartworm test, spay/neuter, and rabies, parvo, and distemper vaccinations. Fee for cats is $45 -- includes spay/neuter and vaccinations.
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    Default Sadly Not Uncommon

    The problem with the majority of these cases is there is a misconception about the breed or animal. These are even more so compiled when movies such as 101 Dalmatians and their ilk are released. When 101 Dalmations (the live version) was released there was a rash of dalmation pups purchased and or aquired thinking these dogs were the cutest thing to happen along the "FAD" line. About 6 months later there was over 2/3s of those same dalmatians surenderred or otherwise abandoned to various shelters or in worse case scenarios left to fend for themselves as strays. The greater amount of these newly unwanted pets were stone deaf. People who get these dogs must realize that there is a high likelyhood of them being deaf, and they need to understand that the Dalmatian is a terrier breed which is pretty active, and quite protective....hense why they were used as carriage dogs and then later as guard dogs in the fireservice.
    Point in case I recently adopted a pyrenees from my local SPCA, and when I was talking to the woman at the adoptions desk she mentioned to me that 2 of the most commonly surrendered dogs they get are rottweilers and dalmatians. Sadly the problem lies in the public getting an pet that they know nothing about and later on think is disposable. I wish you luck in finding "Sparky" a home.

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    What ever happened with the Dalmation??? I wish I would've been closer, cause I would've gone to adopt her for sure.

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