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Thursday, January 30, 2003

· STLFN: EAST ST.LOUIS (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: ESTLFD is on scene of a house fire at 1601 Baugh Ave. 422 using a 1 3/4 inch line & 424 is assisting. A call for an ambulance was made for a civilian burn injury - non-life threatening. [STL997]. 1:01a.m.

· EARLEIGH HEIGHTS (ANNE ARUNDEL Co.), MD: * 3rd alarm* 143 Inverness Rd "Riverdale Inn"/ Heavy smoke showing from a restaurant/ multiple lines operating/ LDH in use. (DC51). 3:16a.m.

· *3rd Alarm*/ ANNE ARUNDEL Co., MD: Building Fire/ 143 Inverness Rd/ Riverdale restaurant/ Units O/L With Fire Through The Roof/ Ops On Echo/ OPS 13 En-route/ [MFN-18]. 3:29a.m.

· MFN-Update: *3rd Alarm* / ANNE ARUNDEL Co, MD/ 143 Inverness Rd/ Riverdale Restaurant/ Tower 11 and Quint 13 In Ladder Pipe Ops/ BGE and FIB En-route/ Ops on Echo/ [MFN-18]. 3:33a.m.

· MFN-Update: *3rd Alarm*/ ANNE ARUNDEL Co., MD/ Building Fire/ 143 Inverness Rd/ Riverdale Restaurant/ Still Have Heavy Fire Throughout/ Some Exposure Problems/ Ops Now On Foxtrot/ OPS 13 O/L / Transfers Initiated/ [MFN-18]. 3:40a.m.

· MFN-Update: *3rd Alarm */ Building Fire/ Box 12-2/ 143 Inverness Rd/ Deputy Chief 3 Now In Command/ Cmd Requesting A BLS Unit and Sand Truck To The Scene/ Bldg Is Reported On The Ground. [MFN-18]. 3:54a.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS Co., MO: Blackjack FPD has a 1st alarm fire in an occupied building at 2245 Marsielle. Special call for two additional pieces of equipment. NFI/ATT. [STL810]. 5:18a.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS Co., MO: U/D Blackjack FPD’s 1st alarm fire in an occupied building at 2245 Barcelona Drive (corrected street name). Special call for two additional pieces of equipment. Move-up has been made. Canteen requested. [STL810]. 5:36a.m.

· ORANGE (ESSEX Co.), NJ: **3rd Alarm** Mitchell St. & So. Jefferson. Heavy fire in a large commercial bldg. Numerous M/A to scene. NJ Transit trains running at reduced speeds in area. County M/A Coordinator to scene. Fire remains DWH. [EAN299-305-503]. 6:07a.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS Co., MO: U/D Blackjack FPD’s 1st alarm fire in an occupied building at 2245 Barcelona Drive: Fire is under control. Companies are overhauling. All accounted for. [STL810]. 6:10a.m.

· U/D – ORANGE, NJ: **3rd Alarm** Mitchel St. & S. Jefferson St. F/I 3-sty warehouse. Fire thru/roof with roof collapse. TL's / Deck Gun's working. Fire ext. to a 2nd commercial bldg “Tryco Tools”. Hvy/smk condition blowing over Rt.280. [EAN503/EAN305]. 6:15a.m.

· SAN BERNARDINO (CA) City Fire: 2nd Alarm: Residential structure in 600 blk of 20th St. NFD. [FIREPAGE (R) LA-1R]. 6:54a.m.

· STLFN: Overnight Rpt: GRANITE CITY (MADISON Co.), IL: Granite City FD had a working house fire at 2326 Logan St. They had heavy smoke & fire. F/F are being called back now for a re-kindle. [STL810]. 7:04a.m.

· ORANGE, NJ: **4th Alarm** Mitchel St. & S. Jefferson St. F/I 3-sty warehouse ext. to 2nd comm. bldg and a row of garages on Stockman & S. Jefferson St. S/C add eng/trk. Num M/A towns from all over the county. [EAN-305]. 7:23a.m.

· WALTHAM, MA: ACW 169 Elm St. Fire in an auto body shop - fire extending to the roof. *453.8375* C15 [TAC9-C768]. 7:44a.m.

· U/D - WALTHAM, MA: W/F 169 Elm St. Fire in a 1 story 40x70 auto body shop extending to the roof. *453.8375* C15, C31 [TAC9-C768]. 7:49a.m.

· WHITMAN, MA: W/F 66 Linden Street "Linden House." One room fire top floor-4 story occupied rooming house. *472.400* C302 [TAC9-C15]. 8:04a.m.

· U/D - WHITMAN, MA: W/F 24 Linden Street "Linden House." Request for Medflight - LZ Memorial Field - 47 y/o male with burns over 20% of his body. *472.400* C302/C67 [TAC9-C15]. 8:20a.m.

· DELAWARE CITY (NEW CASTLE Co.), DE: **2nd Alarm o/a** 94 Clinton St. Chief o/s rpts hvy smoke showing flr #2 of a dwelling. Co.'s laying LDH and stretching attack lines. [EAN23]. 8:58a.m.

· STLFN: MANCHESTER (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: West Co. EMS/Fire *1st Alarm* house fire @ 412 Auber Dr x Brittany Parkway. Hvy fire/smoke in the basement of a residence. 2 lines off & a supply line laid. Move-ups made. [STL899]. 10:09a.m.

· NORTH CHICAGO (LAKE Co.), IL: a 2nd Alarm on Box #15-1 @1417 Seymour. Fire reported in a residential structure w/exp to the east. 2 victims to be transported so far. 10 towns M/A. [CHG6/17/20/21/110/150] (C). 11:44a.m.

· READING, MA: W/F Box-1314 364 Main Street. Co.'s report smoke showing. *483.4125* [TAC9-C67]. 11:54a.m.

· U/D READING, MA: W/F Box-1314 364 Main Street. OIC reports fire K/D. *483.4125* [TAC9-C67]. 12:18p.m.

· STLFN: BROOKLYN (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Brooklyn FD is on scene of a structure fire @ 103 Thomas Terry Dr. Fairmont City FD resp. M/A - Pumper and manpower. (STL 835). 12:25p.m.

· STLFN: STLFN: BROOKLYN (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: U/D on Brooklyn FD W/F @ 103 Thomas Terry: Fire was in a 2-sty 4 unit apt. building with hvy fire on the 1st flr of apt. 3. Fire is now U/C. Utilities were requested and move ups were made. (STL 835/997*). 1:07p.m.

· NORWICH, CT: MVA Route 12 at the Preston Line. Auto vs. tree. M/A requested for the jaws. CT2709/19 [TAC9-C811]. 2:06p.m.

· *Breaking News* "Shoe Bomber" Richard Reid receives a life sentence in prison for trying to blow up a Mimi bound passenger jet with explosives hidden in his shoes. FOX/CNN [TAC9-C461]. 2:53p.m.

· MARSHFIELD, MA: MVA on Plymouth Ave. Jaws in use. Request for Medflight. C302 *453.4375* [TAC9-C67]. 3:22p.m.

· U/D – MARSHFIELD, MA: MVA on Plymouth Ave. LZ at Marshfield Airport. 19 y/o with multi trauma 10 ETA. C302 *453.4375* [TAC9-C67]. 3:24p.m.

· HARTFORD, CT: MVA Asylum St. and Asylum Ave. Jaws 1-pinned. CT80 [TAC9-C67]. 3:45p.m.

· U/D – MARSHFIELD, MA: MVA on Plymouth Ave. Patient extricated to Beth Israel. C302 *453.4375* [TAC9-C67]. 3:45p.m.

· BROOKLINE, MA: Tier 1 Haz-Mat: 77 Pond Ave. Metrofire Haz-Mat Team "A" responding. *483.4375* [TAC9-C520]. 6:06p.m.

· MANCHESTER, CT: MVA Pavilions Drive @ Buckland Hills Mall. 2-car, 1-pt trapped. Jaws working. CT192 [TAC9-C20]. 6:09p.m.

· PORTER, ME: W/F 86 Brown Road. Structure fully involved. M/A requested. C818 [TAC9-C461]. 6:25p.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: STLFD has a W/F across from 760 Aubert x Enright. Fire in a 2-sty brk bldg. 1 line off. PUMPERS: 28-30-13, HL15, BC805. [STL899]. 7:52p.m.

· STRATFORD, CT: W/F 262 Nichols Ave. Reported 2.5-story wood frame dwelling - fully involved. CT9098/CT21 [TAC9-C20]. 7:57p.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: STLFD *1st Alarm* @ 757 Aubert x Enright. 2-sty brk bldg. 2 lines off. PUMPERS: 28-30-13-10-24, HL15, BC805 & 806, SQD-2. [STL899]. 8:00p.m.

· 2nd Alarm – MANCHESTER, NH: 57 Malvern Street. Structural fire. Heavy smoke showing. *800* C31/C158/C302 [TAC9-C20-C158]. 8:05p.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: U/D STLFD's *1st Alarm* @ 757 Aubert. Vac 2-sty brk bldg. Fire now u/c. All Co.'s accounted for. Overhaul ops ATT. [STL899]. 8:13p.m.

· MANCHESTER, NH: 3rd Alarm Box 315 at 57 Malvern St. Building fire. DWH *460.625/800* C31/C20/C302 [TAC9-C158]. 8:16p.m.

· U/D - MANCHESTER, NH: 3rd Alarm Box 315 at 57 Malvern St. 2 occupants removed from the building and transported by EMS. Fire remains DWH. *460.625/800* C31/C20/C302 [TAC9-C158]. 8:21p.m.

· U/D - MANCHESTER, NH: 3rd Alarm Box 315 57 Malvern St. 3sty wdfrm 30x50 w/attached 40x50 omd fire on 2nd & 3rd floors into the attic DWH. *460.625/800* C31/C20/C302 [TAC9-C158]. 8:29p.m.

· WATERBURY, CT: W/F 135 Prospect Street. Reported smoke showing from an unknown type structure. CT3404 [TAC9-C20]. 9:05p.m.

· U/D - MANCHESTER, NH: 3rd Alarm Box 315 57 Malvern St. OIC reports fire k/d. Co.'s chasing pockets of fire. Extensive overhauling. S/C add'l EMS units. *460.625/800* C31/20/C302 [TAC9-C158]. 9:12p.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: STLFD has a W/F @ 4008 Taft. Hvy fire in the front of a 1-sty residence. 1 line off. PUMPERS: 36-4-32, HL4, BC804. [STL899]. 9:59p.m.

· PHILADELPHIA, PA: All Hands on arrival at 5155 W. Thompson. Heavy fire showing first floor 16x50 3-story dwelling. [EAN]. 10:07p.m.

· GLOCESTER (CHEPACHET Co.), RI: 2nd Alarm on arrival 41 First Rd. A structure fully involved. M/A to work and to cover. *154.070* C20 [TAC9-C51]. 10:13p.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: STLFD has a working fire in a house at 1600 Picker St x Hoehn. Heavy fire showing – Co.'s are leading off. Pumpers: 11, 7, 2, H&L 6 & BC802. [STL810]. 10:13p.m.

· It is with deep regret to announce the passing of long-time fire buff Ed Massmann of the Bell & Siren Club in New Jersey. He was 88 years old and was the treasurer of the International Fire Buff Association from 1960-1995. [IFBA/STLFN]. 10:52p.m.

· U/D GLOCESTER, RI: 2nd Alarm 41 First Rd. Fire in a 1.5 story wood frame basement. Fire K/D PWH. *154.070* [TAC9-C319]. 10:55p.m.

· FOSTER, RI: W/F 51 T Parker Rd. Structure fire. M/A tankers and manpower from Putnam CT. *33.90/154.190* [TAC9-C09]. 11:01p.m.

· PROVIDENCE, RI: W/F 217 Angel St. Fire in a 3 story wood frame b/o E-9. *159.360* [TAC9-C51]. 11:16p.m.

· U/D PROVIDENCE, RI: W/F 217 Angell St. Companies report fire floor 2 of a 3 story wood frame dwelling. Bulk of the fire is k/d. Companies overhauling. PWH. *159.360* C319 O/S. [TAC9-C51]. 11:23p.m.


DC Firecom/Baltimore Metro Dispatch Report

January 30, 2003

BALTIMORE, MD (4-13): Departmental PIA / Cold Spring Ln & St. George's Ave / Northwood (N Balt) / M-3 invld. [DC/BMD/E*23-1-44]. 14:24hrs.


*** FirePage Ohio Report for January 30, 2003 ***

FirePage Ohio® covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky. We send all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an E-Mail address, we can get the information to you.

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This report is complied by FirePage Ohio® Dispatch Coordinator Scott Berringer

- 0056
Seville Guilford Twp FD (Medina): W/F 76 High St. Fire in ceiling. M/A Westfield FD & Lodi FD. FPO/D703 ©

- 0442
Covington, KY FD (Kenton): W/F 25 West 15th. Fire in unknown type structure. Cos: Pump 6, 1, Trk 1, Hvy Res 1, Car 2. Pump 6 reports fire in a house on 15th st. FPO/D1002 ©

- 0444
Covington, KY FD (Kenton): W/F 25 West 15th. Car 2 requesting Add'l Pumper & Ambulance. Pump 2 & Ambo 1 enroute. FPO/D1002 ©

- 0534
Warren FD: W/F 2127-2131 Benton St SE. 2 OMDs well involved. Reported people trapped. Cos: Eng 5, Squad 1, Res1cuE, Lad 1, Car 11, 12, Med*Star EMS Medic 1. Lad 1 up & flowing. FPO/258*/D260 ©

- 0803
Columbus FD: Extra Company MVA I-71 @ 5th Ave. Cos: Eng 18, Med 18, Res2cuE, EMS 13. EMS 13 requesting Extra Medics. FPO/D284 ©

- 0805
Columbus FD: Extra Company MVA I-71 @ 5th Ave. Med 7 & 1 enroute. FPO/D284 ©

- 1304
Columbus FD: W/F 4095 Larry Pl. Cos: Eng 23, 151, Lad 23, Res4cuE, Med 23, BN 6. 2 sty Double. FPO/D284 ©

- 1334
Columbus FD: W/F 4095 Larry Pl. RIC: Eng 21, Med 151, EMS 16. BN 6 (Trojack) reports fire K/D. Cancel RIC, Holding everyone else. Utilities & Red Cross S/C'd. FPO/D284* ©

- 1438
Columbus FD: MVA/PIN Greenlawn Ave & Front St. Car vs bldg. Cos: Eng 2, Lad 2, Res2cuE, Med 14, EMS 11, BN 1. Lad 2 reports car submerged in bldg. BN 1 (Smith) has command. Building 1 S/C'd. FPO/D284 ©

- 1459
Columbus FD: MVA/PIN Greenlawn Ave & Front St. BN 1 reports situation U/C. FPO/D284 ©

- 1502
Columbus FD: MVA/PIN North Wilson Rd & Twin Creeks. Cos: Eng 12, Med 12, Lad 12. Eng 12 requesting a Rescue for a pinned victim. Res17cuE enroute. FPO/D284 ©

- 1504
Columbus FD: MVA/PIN North Wilson Rd & Twin Creeks. Eng 12 requesting Extra Medic. Med 195 enroute. FPO/D284 ©

- 1509
Columbus FD: W/F 1678 Peabody Dr. Cos: Eng 193, 10, Lad 12, Res2cuE, Med 17, BN 5. Prevention 30 reports a F/I garage. FPO/D284 ©

- 1519
Columbus FD: W/F 1678 Peabody Dr. RIC: Eng 192, Med 10, EMS 15, SO 2. BN 5 reports fire K/D. RIC cancelled. Holding everyone else. FPO/D284 ©

- 1608
West Licking JFD (Licking): MVA/PIN 8895 East Main St (In front of State of Ohio Fire Training Academy). Pick-up vs School Bus. 1 DOA. Cos: Eng 401, 402, Med 401, 402, 403, 592, 161, Res401cuE, Res592cuE, Many Chiefs. MedFlight S/C'd. FPO/284/D221 ©

- 1616
West Licking JFD (Licking): MVA/PIN 8895 East Main St. MedFlight to get a 30 year old male, (Still pinned). LZ on West end of State Fire Academy. FPO/284/D221 ©

- 1715
West Licking JFD (Licking): MVA/PIN 8895 East Main St. 1 Code 1 (DOA), 1 Multiple Trauma victim. Only 1 student on school bus, not injured. FPO/221/D284 ©

- 1853
Columbus FD: W/F 5121 Brush Ridge Ct. FPO/D217 ©

- 2131
Cleveland/East Cleveland FD: W/F East 125 & Phillips. House fire. ECFD Units with CFD Eng 30, 22, Lad 30, Squad 3, & BN 6. FPO/700/D703 ©

- 2315
Ellsworth Twp FD (Mahoning): W/F 11825 Akron Canfield Rd. Unit 411 reports working fire. M/A Berlin Twp FD for Engines & Tankers, Jackson Twp FD & Milton Twp FD for Tankers. Unknown size-up. FPO/265/D703 ©

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Brooklyn, N.Y. 01/30/03 @ 22:30 hrs.
Sheepshead Bay Section

Box 3305
address: 1237 Ave. " Z "
between: Sheepshead Bay Rd. & Homecrest Ave.

3305 @ 22:16
Engs. 246, 254, 245
Lads. 169, 153
Batt. 43

10 - 75 - 3305 @ 22:19
TowerLadder 161 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 276
Rescue Co. #2
Squad Co. #1
Batt. 33
Division 8

@ 22:21 Special Call an additional Engine & Truck
Engine 321 & Lad. 156 are s/c

Fire Building:
6 Story Brick 200 x 100 " H " Type O. M. D.

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 3305 @ 22:26
Batt. 43 reports, Were using All - Hands for a fire in the basement, in the main electrical panel. We have 1 - line stretched. Fire has been knocked down. We also have smoke pushing from a man-hole on the Exp. #4 side of the bldg. Have Con Ed respond. Special Call an additional Truck. Searches will be delayed due to no power in the Bldg. It's an " H " type multiple dwelling.

@ 22:27 TowerLadder 172 is s/c

@ 22:37 Batt. 43:
Fire is UnderControl. Primary search delayed due to no lighting condition in the Bldg. The Apts. that were required checking have been searched and are negative. Waiting arrival of Con Ed.

@ 22:40 Brooklyn advises:
Con Ed reports does not have a crew available at this time. Next available crew will be assigned. They will advise then of an E.T.A.

@ 22:56 Division 8
Have O. E. M. respond. We have 128 apartments without power due to the severed electrical cables in the basement "K"

@ 23:02 Division 8:
4 people have been removed by E. M. S. to Coney Island Hospital for smoke inhalation. Secondary searches have been completed and are negative.




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