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    I'm a Captain with a rural volunteer department. One of our biggest problems we face is keeping the firefighters interested in trainings. We train every Monday night for 2 hrs and we try to come up with sessions that educate the new, but keep it challanging, and fun enough for the older members.
    I'm just wondering if anyone out there has any ideas or suggestions, anything unique.

    Thanks very much,

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    Default A few suggestions

    Hands On training and lots of it. Keep everyone involved. Consider breaking up into small groups. Develop a training schedule. Perhaps you can assign a different training topic to a different pair of firefighters for each training session. This will push them to become familiar/more familiar with different training evolutions. Get a buddy from a neighboring department to come in once in a while to deliver a topic.
    Mix and match. If it keeps their interest, they will learn. Videos are OK, but use short videos followed by hands on training. When you put a long video(over 20 minutes)in, you have to keep turning up the volume to drown out the snoring.
    And if anyone wants to take training outside the department; as long as they have taken advantage of the in-house training, encourage it. If they miss a lot of training meetings, then you're wasting time and money sending them outside. Make outside training an incentive to train in-house. Don't let the lack of a strong, in-house program be the argument for outside training.
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck.
    TC & SS.
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