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    Default state wide relief assoc.

    Any initial thoughts from anyone while this is being researched? I think it could get way to political!!!

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    I think you're right about the whole political thing. Some departments would make out like bandits with their pension while others take it in the rear trying to even out the disbursement and clean out the bugs in the system. It is a great idea, and it's been talked about in the past, but apparently it's too difficult for the state to figure out... I mean, look what they did to the budget! They managed to go from budget surplus to a huge shortfall in a matter of two years or less. I'm not sure I'd want the state to manage the hundreds of volunteer fire departments pensions.
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    I agree with ROCHFDE11, the state would only mess it up. I think that it is a WAY better idea for departments to have their own. Maple Grove's works great. I wouldn't want it wrecked by the state.

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