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Sunday, February 02, 2003

STOUGHTON, MA: MVA Central St by West St. Car vs. Pole. Medflight req'd but grounded due to weather. S/C add'l Rescue to the scene. *453.025* C227 [TAC9-C158]. 12:00a.m.

U/D STOUGHTON, MA: MVA Central by West St's A1 & A3 transporting to Good Sam Hospital Brockton *453.025* C227 [TAC9-C158]. 12:11a.m.

2nd Alarm SCARBOROUGH, ME: Box 1223 Black Point Rd. Structure fire. *154.130* [TAC9-C31]. 12:29a.m.

HOLYOKE, MA: W/F on James St. near Main St. A 2 story occupied dwelling. Fire on the 2nd floor-possible person trapped. Search in progress. *159.650/155.650* [TAC9-C09]. 12:47a.m.

HARRISBURG, PA: 2nd Alarm 1353 Vernon St. Heavy fire 2nd and 3rd floors on a 3 sty row with several occupants trapped. 4 removed so far by FF - all crit. 5th EMS disp. [DC/PA1]. 4:24a.m.

STLFN: (0500hrs) ST.LOUIS, MO: STLFD *2nd Alarm* @ 4975 Wabada. Heavy fire in a 3-sty brk residence. Evacuation tones sounded w/partial bldg collapse. Def ops. Num lines worked. Fire U/C. [STL899]. 6:58a.m.

AUGUSTA, ME: MVA on Stone St. Car vs. pole with wires down. Extrication in progress. *154.400* C411 [TAC9-C33]. 7:02a.m.

FALL RIVER, MA: W/F 88 Fall River Ave. (Rte 6). Structure fire. Fire on floor 2. *470.7625* [TAC9-C51]. 7:46a.m.

SEEKONK, MA: W/F 1588 Fall River Ave. Structure fire. Fire on floor 2. M/A to work and to cover. *154.220* [TAC9-C51]. 7:51a.m.

PEORIA, IL: 2-11 Alarm @ 3604 W. Willow. Fire in large condominium. [CHGO-03/CIL-3] (C). 9:09a.m.

CAMBRIDGE, MA: ACW Box 3961 237 Franklin St. Fire in bathroom of multi-floor apartment building with (1) 10-45C2 burn victim (burns to 50% of body). Request for 2nd Rescue and ALS to scene. C158 *800* [TAC9-C33]. 9:24a.m.

U/D CAMBRIDGE, MA: ACW Box 3961 237 Franklin St: (1) 10-45C2 burn victim 60 y/o male (2nd & 3rd degree burns to 50% of body). Pt transported to MGH by ALS. Fire is PWH. C158 *800* [TAC9-C33]. 9:35a.m.

BELMONT, NH: MVA Rt.106 at Seavey Rd. Jaws operating. Req for dept recall. *159.900* C21 [TAC9-C158]. 11:03a.m.

WRENTHAM, MA: W/F Lake St. Extension. Building fire. *453.2625* [TAC9-C158]. 11:55a.m.

U/D WRENTHAM, MA: W/F Lake St. Ext. Fire in a 2-story wood frame dwelling. Water problems due to dead hydrants. 2 additional Engines to the fire. M/A from Franklin and Norfolk. DWH. *453.2625* C158. [TAC9-C51]. 12:08p.m.

STLFN: LONEDELL (FRANKLIN Co.), MO: St. Clair FPD *1st Alarm* on Hendricks Rd off Hwy 30. Structure fire. M/A from Cedar Hill FPD for tankers & manpower. Move-ups made. [STL899]. 12:37p.m.

AUGUSTA, ME: MVA on Rt. 3. Jaws operating. *154.400* C411 [TAC9-C158]. 12:47p.m.

2nd Alarm - BOSTON, MA: Box 2654 opposite 19 Ethel St. Structure fire b/o car 10. *483.1625* [TAC9-C51]. 12:59p.m.

U/D BOSTON, MA: 2nd Alarm Box 2654 opp 19 Ethel St. Fire in a large 2.5 story wood frame with exposure problems. Fire is DWH. *483.1875* C33. [TAC9-C51]. 1:02p.m.

BROCKTON, MA: ACW 223 Perkins Ave. Shed fire. *154.310* [TAC9-C51]. 1:57p.m.

NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI: ACW on Anthony Dr. Fire in a 12x20 cottage. Fire is PWH. Extensive overhaul. *154.235* [TAC9-C51]. 2:04p.m.

JERSEY CITY (HUDSON Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** 1065 Summit Ave. Fire is on the 7th fl of 7sty OMD with people trapped in the stairwells. Engine Company req EMS to the 6th fl with a RUSH. [EAN388]. 2:23p.m.

U/D JERSEY CITY (HUDSON Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** 1065 Summit Ave. Fire is on the 7th fl of 10sty OMA now req EMS on the 6th fl for the unconscious victim. CPR now in progress. [EAN388]. 2:41p.m.

U/D JERSEY CITY (HUDSON Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm/fatal fire** 1065 Summit Ave. Victim on the 6th fl is DOA at the scene. [EAN388]. 2:47p.m.

STLFN:O'FALLON (ST.CHARLES, Co.), MO: 1710 Hwy Y. Large brush fire w/extra equipment dispatched. Now req. 4 add. Brush trucks. (STL966). 2:55p.m.

HARTFORD, CT: W/F 15 Dutch Point Rd. Fire in an unknown type of building. CT192 [TAC9-C50]. 3:45p.m.

PLAINFIELD (UNION Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** on Willover St. House fire. M/A req to the scene. [EAN10/EAN388]. 4:32p.m.

GORHAM, ME: MVA (Rt.25) Main St. & Mosher Rd. Several vehicles head-on. Jaws operating on (2) 1045C2++ M/A Rescue from Westbrook FD to the scene. *154.400* [TAC9-C31]. 4:55p.m.

MANHATTAN, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box-1748 Fort Washington Ave and West 181st St. Fire in an OMD. DWH. [EAN301]. 5:57p.m.

MANHATTAN, NY: 22-1748 *2nd Alarm* aof 454 Ft Washington Ave x 181 St., Heavy fire on the top flr of a 6 sty 150 x 150. [MNS-154/119]* 5:58p.m.

MANHATTAN, NY **3rd Alarm** Box 1748 Fort Washington and West 181St. Fire is in a OMD. [EAN388]. 6:07p.m.

MANHATTAN, NY: ***3rd Alarm*** Box-1748 Fort Washington and West 181st St. Heavy fire in the cockloft. Water tank on the roof also involved with threat of collapse. DWH. [EAN301]. 6:10p.m.

MANHATTAN, NY: 33-1748 **3rd Alarm** aof 454 Ft. Washington Ave x 181 St. Heavy fire on the top flr of a 6 sty 150 x 150. Water on the roof - f/i about to collapse. [MNS119 O/S. MNS-154]* 6:10p.m.

MOGADORE (SUMMIT Co.), OH: 2nd Alarm Equiv. 6 So. Cleveland. Fire on 2nd flr of 2 sty Apts. over business. M/A 7 area FDs. [FPO/701/D703] (C). 6:15p.m.

SHERBORN, MA: ACW 27 Parks Drive. Chimney fire w/extension. 1 line run. Fire K/D. ACW *483.0875* [TAC9-C158]. 6:29p.m.

DETROIT (WAYNE Co.), MI: *2nd Alarm* on Vernor between Springwell & Carson. Fire thru the roof of a commercial bldg. [FNNM-608>400]. 6:33p.m.

DETROIT, MI: Final: *2nd Alarm* 7924 W. Vernor. "Vernor Dollar Discount Store". Fire is in a 2 sty comm'l, 50x100. Fire now u/c, several hand lines in ops. Overhaul in progress. [FNNM-200*,608>400]. 6:33p.m.

ARLINGTON, MA: W/F Box 3553 96 College Ave. Chimney fire extended to the walls. OIC reports fire K/D. *460.600* [TAC9-C158]. 6:39p.m.

GLOUCESTER, MA: W/F Parker St at the Pier. 80' fishing troller with heavy fire below deck. Request for Coast Guard. *154.16* [TAC9-C158]. 6:45p.m.

U/D MANHATTAN, NY: 33-1748 **3rd Alarm** aof 454 Ft. Washington Ave x 181 St. Heavy fire on the top flr of a 6 sty 150 x 150. Still heavy fire condition. Roof is stable. Pri sch in prog. Fire is D/W/H. [MNS119 O/S. MNS-154/12*] 6:53p.m.

U/D GLOUCESTER, MA: W/F Parker St. at the fish pier. 80' fishing troller with heavy fire below deck. S/C the Essex County Foam Trailer from Danvers. DWH. *154.16* C51/C302 [TAC9-C158]. 7:18p.m.

U/D GLOUCESTER, MA: W/F Parker St. at the fish pier. OIC reports still has heavy fire below deck. Co.'s going into foam operation. ACW. *154.16* C51/C302 [TAC9-C158]. 7:30p.m.

Final MANHATTAN, NY: 33-1748 aof 454 Ft. Washington Ave x W181 St. Fire top fl of 6bk OMD 150x100. Car 13 CWTC Dawe repts fire is PWH. All searches complete & neg. Had S/C 2 Eng & 2 Tks for relief. MNS154/119 [MNS342]. 7:47p.m.

2nd Alarm - GLOUCESTER, MA: Box 231 Parker St at the fish pier. 80' fishing vessel with heavy fire below deck. ACW DWH. *154.16* C51/C251/C302 [TAC9-C158]. 7:58p.m.

U/D GLOUCESTER, MA: 2nd Alarm Box 231 Parker St at the fish pier. S/C add'l engine and service truck with spare bottles to the scene. DWH. *154.16* C51/C251/C302 [TAC9-C158]. 8:17p.m.

EAST HAVEN, CT: MVA Main St. at Hemingway Ave. Rollover with 1 trapped. Jaws operating. CT1062 [TAC9-C158]. 8:29p.m.

HAMDEN, CT: MVA Shepard Ave & Braeside Dr. 1 car on fire. Jaws operating. Reported 3 Pri 1 pt's. Request for add'l units to the scene. CT697/CT1062 [TAC9-C158]. 8:38p.m.

U/D GLOUCESTER, MA: 2nd Alarm Parker St at the fish pier. OIC reports heavy fire k/d. Extensive overhaul. *154.16* C51/C251/C302 [TAC9-C158]. 8:44p.m.

SANFORD, ME: W/F Main St (Rt.109) & North St. Structure fire. *460.525* [TAC9-C31]. 9:18p.m.

HARRISBURG, VA: U/D 2nd Alarm 0430hrs EST this a.m., 1353 Vernon St **2 fatalities** 2 additional victims Medevaced to Chester Crozer Burn Center in Philly. [DC/PA1]. 10:11p.m.

BERWICK, ME: MVA Blackberry Hill Rd & Country Lane. Car vs. pole. (1) victim unresponsive. OIC request Medics ASAP. M/A engine from S. Berwick FD. *153.980/155.0525* [TAC9-C31]. 10:16p.m.

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, RI: W/F 3043 Tower Hill Rd (Champions Bar and Grill). Structure fire - fully involved. M/A Exeter with engine & tanker to scene. *453.450* C304/319 [TAC9-C28]. 11:26p.m.

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, RI: 2nd Alarm Equiv. 3043 Tower Hill Rd. 1 1/2 sty structure heavy fire showing. M/A 1 engine & 4 tankers to scene. Co.'s have water problems. C304/319 [TAC9-C28]. 11:40p.m.


*** FirePage Ohio Report for Febuary 2, 2003 ***

FirePage Ohio covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky. We send all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an E-Mail address, we can get the information to you.

For additional information: E-Mail info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

This report is complied by FirePage Ohio Dispatch Coordinator Scott Berringer

- 0451
Columbus FD: W/F 2003 East Hudson. 2 sty house F/I. Cos: Eng 16, 132, Lad 13, Res16cuE, Med 16, BN 3. FPO/D260

- 0453
Columbus FD: W/F 2003 East Hudson. RIC: Eng 20, Med 20, EMS 13, SO 2. Reported holes in floors. FPO/D260

- 0503
Columbus FD: W/F 2003 East Hudson. BN 3 reports fire K/D. Holding all companies. Med 20 clearing. Arson S/C'd. FPO/D260

- 0506
Columbus FD: W/F 2003 East Hudson. Partial roof collapse. Also, an abandoned vehicle into the house on side 3. FPO/D260

- 1626
Warren FD: W/F 2481 Red Fox Run NW. Eng 6 reports smoke showing from a 4-plex OMD. Cos: Eng 6, Lad 1, Sqd 1, Car 12. Fire K/D ATT. FPO/256/D703

- 1833
Mogadore FD (Summit): W/F 6 South Cleveland Ave. Smoke from apts over "Roma's Pizza". Cos: Eng 2313, 2314, Sqd 2311, Chief 2302. M/A Lad 3319, Eng 2713. FPO/D701

- 1845
Mogadore FD (Summit): W/F 6 South Cleveland Ave. 2nd floor unstable in B/C corner. Add'l M/A Sqd 2711, 3111, Eng 1213, 3113. Utilities S/C'd. FPO/D701

- 1914
Mogadore FD (Summit): 2nd Alm Equiv 6 South Cleveland Ave. Add Lad 3119, Sqd 2111, Res3316cuE. Res1816cuE - FAST Team. FPO/D701

- 1947
Mogadore FD (Summit): 2nd Alm Equiv 6 South Cleveland Ave. Add Eng 1813, Lad 2656. Sqd 2311 to AGMC with 1. Unknown if civilian or FF. FPO/703/D701

- 2041
Hubbard FD (Trumbull): W/F 3400 block of Shadyside Dr. HPD reports fire thru roof of a house. NFI ATT. FPO/256/D703

- 2349
Cleveland FD: (Delayed) W/F East 106 & Kimberly. House fire. Cos: Eng 30, 22, Lad 30, Squad 3, & BN 6. Eng 31 - Worker. Lad 10 - RIT. FPO/D700

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DC Firecom/Baltimore Metro Dispatch Report
Feb 2, 2003.

BALTIMORE Co., MD: Hvy rescue / ol I-695, btwn Wilkens Ave & Westland Blvd / Co#4 - Catonsville / E-5 rpts a bus vs car w/a 8y/o heavily trapped in the rear of the car / rqsts (2) addtl BLS units / *ol I-695 shutdown*. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 10:51hrs


New York City Metro Area Incidents
as dispatched over the Metro Notification System
for Sunday, February 2, 2003

P.O. 790065, Flushing, NY 11379
Office: 718- 416-4030 Fax: 718-416-4125
Out of area: (888) 225-8866
Visit our Web-site: http://www.mnsny.com
We now have the ability to send our service (Especially accurate FDNY information) to your pager, cellphone or any Email address anywhere in the world. For Information, please contact us at the addresses above.

MN 75-1715 aof 501 W.173 x Amsterdam Ave, fire in a 6 sty 25 x 50, fire is P/W/H. MNS-154

MANHATTAN *Falling-Ice* area-of 5 Av & 33 St in the area of the Empire State Bldg. PD has that general area shut down secondary to ice falling from the Empire State Bldg. No injs reported. * MNS-2

MEDFORD NY (SUFFOLK) **Heavy Rescue** S Svc Rd. (LIE) & Cty Rd. #83. FD/RES/ESU MCI inv semi-truck. MNS 215

**Water Rescue** MIDDLE ISLAND, NY: Church St x Oak Crest. Rptd car in the water. Unk if occ in car. MNS116/215

MIDDLE ISLAND NY (SUFFOLK) ***Water rescue*** Car into Pine Lake. Church La & Oak Crest Ave. Unk occ's within veh. Scuba team from Rocky Point on S/B till further notice. MNS 215

U/D MIDDLE ISLAND NY (SUFFOLK) ++Car into pine lake++ Rocky Point now resp w/ dive team forthwith. 2 victims in the car. MNS 215

U/D MIDDLE ISLAND NY (SUFFOLK) M/A Mt. Sinai for dive team. 5-0-7 o/s now saying still unk. if victims are in vehicle. MNS 215/116

BK 75-299 aof 1 Rewe St x Vandervoort Ave, using A/H for an MVA cusing a ruptured gas main. MNS-154/62

BELLPORT NY (SUFFOLK) **overturn MVA** (29D2) So. Country Rd. & New Jersey Ave. FD/RES. MNS 215/116

MANHATTAN 75-176 aof 227 Canal St/Centre St. Fire in 6 bk comm'l. N/S/U at this time. MNS266

ROSLYN (NASSAU) burn victim, 250 Willis Ave, Male w/facial burns from van fire. FD O/S. MNS432

QN ++HI CO++ Box 4995 254-02 Rockaway Blvd. Hi CO readings in a I-Hop Restaurant being evac'ed A/T/T. 1 aided BN-54 I/C. (MNS-516*IAP)

BK ++Haz Mat++ Dean St @ Utica FDNY / FDNY-B*EMS o/s a vac bldg with unk type chem in drums leaking request DEP / DEC to scene. (MNS-516*IAP)

U/D BK ++Haz Mat++ Dean St @ Utica Ave. FDNY has found in a vac bldg 1000 vac of unk chem. / 2 are acid mat'l / 2 boxes of hydrochloric acid / 8oz bottles of cyanide ..DEP / NYPD / OEM O/S. (MNS-516*IAP)

Point Lookout Fire Dist, LIDO BEACH, NY: W/F SIG 10 Matlock St. Between Lido Blvd & the seawall. M/A to fire & coverage @ Pt. Lookout HQS. [MNS342]

BK 75- 814 on Schaeffer St. x Wilson /Central Aves. Fire top fl of a 3 sty vac bk MD.20x60 b37 IC rpts 2 lines s/o. L124 FAST. [MNS342]

U/D BK 75- 814 aof 196 Schaeffer St x Wilson /Central Aves. Fire top fl of a 3 bk *now occupied* MD 20x60 b37 IC rpts 2 lines s/o, all vis fire is K/D [MNS342]

U/D BK 75- 814 aof 196 Schaeffer St x Wilson /Central Aves. Fire top fl of a 3 bk OMD 20x60 D15 IC rpts 2 lines s/o, fire is PWH [MNS342]

BRONX 75-3553, Jerome Ave x E205 St, Fire in a 2 sty 200 x 400, N/S/U. MNS-154

MN 75-1748, Ft. Washington Ave x W181 St, fire on the 6 flr, 6 sty 150 x 150, 2 L/S/O. MNS-154

BK 75-0039 aof 137 Oak St x Guernsey St, Fire on the 3rd flr in the walls, of a 3 sty brk 20 x 40. MNS-154

MN 22-1748 *2nd alarm* aof 454 Ft Washington Ave x W181 St, Heavy fire on the top flr of a 6 sty 150 x 150. MNS-154/119*

MN 33-1748 **3rd alarm** aof 454 Ft Washington Ave x W181 St, Heavy fire on the top flr of a 6 sty 150 x 150, water tank on the roof F/I may collapse. MNS119 O/S. MNS-154*

U/D MN 33-1748 **3rd alarm** aof 454 Ft Washington Ave x W.181 St, Heavy fire on the top flr of a 6 sty 150 x 150, still heavy fire cond, water tank on roof is stable, pri sch in prog, fire is D/W/H. MNS119 O/S. MNS-154/12*

BK 75-983 aof 493 Washington Ave x Fulton st, fire on the top flr of a 4 sty 50 x 100, 1 L/S/O. MNS-154/12

BK 75-3182 aof 10 Georgetown Lane x Ave M/Ave N. B58 rpts fire in the rear of a 2 sty attached pri dwg. Ex ENG S/C [E310] L174 FAST [MNS342]

BK 75-3182 aof 10 Georgetown Ln x Ave M, fire in a 2 sty pd 20 x 40, ext ENG S/C. MNS-154/253

Final MANHATTAN 33-1748 aof 454 Ft. Washington Ave x W.181 St. Fire top fl of 6bk OMD 150x100. CAR 13 CWTC Dawe repts fire is PWH, all searches complete & neg. had S/C 2 Eng & 2 Tks for relief.; MNS154/119 [MNS342]

U/D BK 75-3182 aof 10 Georgetown Lane x Ave M/Ave N. B58 rpts fire in the rear of a 2 sty attached pri dwg.20x40. D15 IC rpts 3 lines stretched, 2 in oper, fire is K/D & PWH MNS154/119 [MNS342]

STATEN ISLAND 75-2275 aof 30 Ebbits St x Mill Rd. B23 IC rpts fire in a storage room in compactor room on the 6th fl of a 6bk OMD. Fire u/c. now down to 2E/2T, ret all spec units * FAST TK (L81) [MNS342]


NEFNN CONNECTICUT FIRE LOG (http://www.nefnn.com)
by Scott Harris


0320 W/F ENFIELD CONN 15 Conlin Dr 1-story ranch style single family dwelling - heavy fire showing - 2 fatalities resulted from this fire

0511 W/F NORTH HAVEN CONN on Cooper Rd building well involved - exterior ops

1350 W/F HARTFORD CONN Box 853 138 Martin St 2.5-story frame occupied building - fire floor #3


0345 W/F HARTFORD CONN Box 497 35 Hughes St 2-story brick OMD - fire floor #2

1450 W/F NAUGATUCK CONN 113 Celantano Dr cellar fire

2044 W/F STRATFORD CONN 24-26 Nichols Ave 2-story frame with heavy fire showing and live wires down

2200 W/F WATERBURY CONN 135 Prospect St building fire


1755 W/F ENFIELD CONN 470 Hazard Ave occupied 2-story frame - fire showing floor #2


1003 W/F WALLINGFORD CONN 10 Parker Farms Rd "Evergreen Condos" 3-story frame 6-unit condo complex - fire floor #3

1211 W/F COVENTRY CONN opposite 357 South St house fire

1308 W/F MILFORD CONN 24 Chatham Ave house fire

1402 ACW NEW HAVEN CONN 2 Whitney Ave - electrical fire in a parking garage


0335 W/F+ BRISTOL CONN 103 Maple Ave single family dwelling well involved on arrival - there were 3 fatalities at this fire



Franklin, TN.
2/02/03 12:35 pm

Unknown fire on Carl Rd., Franklin, TN. Williamson Co. Rescue Squad responded with PTs 1420, 1426, 2121, 2323, 2322, Tank 2125, Brush 2127, HDR 1412 and M/A Fairview FD for PT. Found a 2-story & full basement 3-year old structure well off. (Smoke was noticed by a deputy 6 miles away before dispatch) Shuttle with driveway relay of 700 ft in operation. Apx 35,000 gallons shuttled, but was a total loss.

Units avail 17:35. Cause undetermined, resident had local alarm, but no monitored system.

John Almon


1449hrs 2 February 2003

City of Huber Heights, Ohio

**2nd alarm** 7853 Chambersburg Rd dog kennel fully involved M/A from Harrison Twp, Vandalia, Riverside, Butler Twp, Bethel Twp, Fairborn [MVBN-2]

Miami Valley Breaking News



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