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    Default IT looks like he is going to get off the hook again.

    Is anyone else bothered that Saddam may get off the hook again? It seems that with Russia, Germany and France not backing the rest of the world, and that Saddam or at least Iraq is starting to give a small bone to the inspectors that it may be impossible for the US to finish this thing.

    It amazes me how he can continue to do this time after time, and get away with it. He defies the world, and the world gives him enough time to hide and move everything, and then when the pressure mounts on him, he acts like he is going to be cooperative, and in the end it is nothing more then a show.

    This is the problem I have. It is no longer about the weapons but it has to do with the fact that this man has already committed crimes against humanity, and that in it's self IMHO is reason enough for the world community to displace him from power and give the power back to the people of Iraq to elect a new leader.

    I mean if I created some sort of BIO weapon in my back yard and used it on my neighbors there would be no hesitation in having by locked away for life. So what gives Saddam the right to do the same.

    The man is more then a menace and needs to be taken care off. I hope the GW does not back down.

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    What did you expect from France? These are the same rifle-dropping idiots who would not let us fly over their airspace to bomb Libya when it was proven that Libya was behind some bombings that killed American servicemen.How soon they forget that we bailed there asses out of WWII.
    Anyway, it's a proven fact that France owns around sixty oil wells in Iraq. Germany supplies about 80% of the parts for the chemical and biological weapons that he sais he doesn't have, and almost every conventional weapon that Saddam owns is Russian made. Go figure.
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    Lybia?? OMG!!! When did we start bombing the female anatomy?? Err...maybe that's something else....??**shrug**
    May we never forget our fallen, worldwide.

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    Don't get mad..... make a parking lot!!!!!!!

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    I am all for getting rid of him. To me he is a waist of skin.

    Maybe a Sniper.

    I do feel if we can get around going to war and still achieve our goal we should. That doesn't seem likely though.

    Personally I think this will be a terrible war. A man that will use any means necassary to win (Saddam) vs. a country/world that will regulate everything we do. i.e. We can't nuke them.

    Will we win? Most definately, but I don't think it will be as easy as last time.
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