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    Default Webbing: what length works best?

    I purchased some webbing in the past for myself. I bought a 12'6" length. This allowed me to put two small loops in each end and attach two carabiners to each loop. I have found this set-up to be quite versitile.

    My question to all others on the forums is: what length do you recommend and why?

    I am working with the safety officer of my department to come up with some ideas on lengths of webbing, bailout ropes, search lines etc. We have our own opinions and theories based on experience of what works. However, I figured some outside advice would be appreciated.

    Share your ideas, thoughts, comments, etc. Let me know what you do and what does and doesn't work for you.

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    You should use whatever length that gets the job done. We have several sizes... 6' 12' 20' 30' 40'. The six footers are good for securing the anchor plates to the anchor points and the 40' is used to secure a patient into a Stokes basket. Look around at what you need from your equipment and then modify it to suit your needs.
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    I carry a 30' length. Never had a problem with having too much webbing available, it's easy enough to control the excess. 30' allows me to raise and lower tools from roof on most of buildings in my area. Making a good "hasty harness" for RIT requires over 20' the way we were taught. I'll go along with Engine5FF, look at what you use it the most for and size it accordingly.
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