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    Default Fire Board Question

    Just want some input on how other volunteer departments fire boards operate. How often do they meet? Do the board members come to the regular fire meetings? What are some ways your department has kept the board from becoming complacent? Here is what I'm up against. Our district has never had regular meetings, board never meets other than at the coffee shop. I have always been interested in the dept and was able to get a FEMA grant for the district. I see what we need to be doing, but feel like I'm swimming up stream and the current is getting swifter. I know people don't like change, but when an entire station does not know what an 11/2" line is and didn't even have anyway of running one if they had it something has to change. A board member offered me his position, but when I said I would do it the Chief said he didn't think that is what the guy really wanted to do. The Chief wants me to be the training officer. I don't know if I want the liability if somebody gets hurt due to their inaction.

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    Our board meets quarterly, July is the annual meeting, board elections are held. They also meet towards the end of the year to set up the budget. They have approval of officers, other than that don't get involved in day to day operations. We have two board members from each municipality and the Chief. One Fire Fighter elected by FD is an advisory postion.

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    We have a monthly business meeting with the entire organization. Board meets once a month after the business meeting. Board member serve 2 year terms and then face reelection by the organization. Officers meet once a month.

    Sounds like you have the GOB network running there which may be good for local issues, but certainly could be a problem with FEMA grants.
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    The board on our dept. has 5 elected members,Pres., vice-pres., secretary,treasurer and PR & Membership. Meet once a month at the firehouse, (2nd Wed. of every month). Normally the VFF don't show up for these meeting unless something special is going on, the chief is always there to update the board on what has/is going on and to represent the VFF. By by-laws we have our annual meeting the 2nd Wed. of March. Each board member is on for a three year term. At the annual meeting anyone that is interested in running for the board will be nominated then all tag members that are present will vote. After the annual meeting the board will meet and appoint positions.
    There are times when the board has special meetings, such as; a few days before the annual meeting to make sure treasurers report and everything else is ready for presentation. One other note, there must be at least 3 board members present to hold a meeting. In the last three years there has only been one closed door session and that was a sticky situation with a VFF.

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