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    Question New guy here with a question about firefighting

    Greeting all:

    I'm considering a career in fire/emt and wanted to ask what to do as far as looking for employment. I live in Georgia in Gwinnett County and wanted to apply for a Firefighter I position. In the mean time could you tell me, if possible, how does one become a fire/emt?

    I've read about the fire I testing. Is this something they teach you when you're recruited into the fire training school? I'm clueless about this and wanted some advice from others. If any of you guys are fire/emt in Gwinnett can you give me any info on how to apply and when the fire department might be hiring again.

    Thanks for your time,

    Andy Norris

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    The best way to get the answers for your area or a specific department would be to call them. Don't be afraid to do so, they are always happy to talk to people who want to become a FF.

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    2 things to start with.
    If you have a volunteer department in your town join it and learn as much as you can. Get your EMT too. That way you'll have the basis for the 2 major parts of the job, Fire and EMS.
    If you are really serious about the job after that go to school and get a fire science degree.

    Good Luck

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