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    Question amps generators

    Has anyone else had a problem with AMPS Generators failing?..we have had so many problems with our units...I was wondering if anyone else has the same?...any service givin from AMPS?...what about warrenty? none here either...thanks

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    My dept in PA had a problem with a first generation AMPS unit that was put on a 1999 engine. Whether it was truly first generation or not I don't know, but they ended up taking it out and putting in the next generation and in the 18 months between when it was replaced and before I moved down here, there was never even a burp out of the thing.

    The two that we've got on the engines down here, also 1999 engines, have not given us any problems. On the new rescue we spec'd an Onan PTO instead of Harrison or AMPS, solely because the Onan 30kW was $12K, versus the other two's 20kW at $24K and $26K. Can't go wrong with Onan since they are the power generation people. Haven't heard any complaints about Harrison for the record.

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