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    Does anybody have alot of experience with magesium chloride road de-icer? The state I live in uses it, and it is nasty to fire trucks. We will be ordering a new rescue/pumper soon. Do we need to go to stainless steel? Plastic? Any thoughts?

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    Anything you get will be adversely affected by the table salt on steriods. That rubberized under-coating stuff might help. Otherwise you're best bet is lots of cycles through the recruit/probie apparatus washing machine.

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    They use the Mag around here on some roads and in neighboring towns. The stuff is great! We aren't a busy enough dept to notice any major issues with the apparatus. Like BC79er said... Wash wash wash. ANY salt and road crap is bad for it and should be hosed off when appropriate. Appropriate meaning not at a time / place that is going ot create a skating rink in the road in front of the building.
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