Rodney Slaughter will present “The Secrets of Grant Success” at the Montgomery County Fire Academy in Conshohocken March 7-9, 2003. In this 3-day interactive program you will learn how to locate and apply for millions of dollars in grant funding! In the "Secrets of Grant Success" workshop, Rodney with the aid of his "Grant Genie," will show you the tools and techniques for identifying potential grant resources and effective proposal writing styles and formats. You will; assess potential grant programs and projects, collect data and information to support your justification for funding, research both public and private grant resources and then write and effective grant proposal. Students will spend three days preparing and writing a grant proposal as a directed workgroup activity.

This class will provide the beginning grant writer with the essential tools for success; and sharpen the skills for the more experienced. The class is appropriate to all fire, rescue, and ems personnel; administration, operations, training, fire prevention, public education, and investigation. Class size is limited to no more than 30 students

The workshop is designed for fire-rescue and EMS personnel who really want to learn how to write a successful grant application. Experiential (hands-on) training is the best way for many of us to learn a new skill. Emphasis will be placed on the 2003 FEMA Fire Grant.

It is a good idea to attend your regional FEMA workshop. You can check FEMA’s website for a schedule of the classes. However, the only thing you will learn there is what they are looking for as far as target grants and their schedule. Attending a workshop like Rodney’s will teach you how to write a polished grant application that will stand out above all the others.

More information and registration forms can be found at Rodney’s website, .

Thanks to attending one of Rodney's classes we have received over $130,000 in federal state and local grants. I'm going back for a refresher.