I recently took part in a civil service exam for a large north Texas fire department. I have always done very well with tests, especially entry level fire tests. After waiting 9 days for results, I was shocked to see I had scored a 65 out of 100 possible. I am a career firefighter in the area, and like I said, I have always done very well with these types of tests. Usually scoring in the top 5%, and I have topped the list a number of times. I felt great about this test. I studied a lot, and even took a practice test on-line from I/O solutions and scored a 90. This on-line test was a full practice test recommended by the department, and almost identical to the actual test given. Also, I do not think I was off on the scantron. I marked my answers in the test booklet, and triple checked them with the scantron. With that, I have two questions. Has anyone had any experience with the entry level firefighter exam from I/O solutions, and more importantly, is there any way to challenge a civil service test score? Thanks for the help.