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Thread: Opinions Needed

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    Default Opinions Needed

    Hey guys. I need your opinion about roof lights that would look good on my car. It's a small car, a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am 4 door. I'm not getting good results from my dashlight strobe, so I'd like to get a roof light, I want something that's low profile, powerful and low cost. I'd also like magnetic mount options, so I can switch it to another vehicle when the time comes. Strobe lights have a nice look, but most mini bars still look too big. I've also been told to buy a Stealth made by Able. Well I've come in search of your opinions, so if you have any ideas let'em fly. Thanks...


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    My advice is ...Save your $$$.. Do you really need a roof light on your car?

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    i agree.. its not worth it to get a roof light for a car..what would work is puttin wig-wags in the front and maybe a dashmiser dual strobe if it fits nicely.

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