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    Default "Beer budget" pumper experience

    Looking for specific personal experience/qualifications with a "beer budget pumper" Pierce Contender, ALF Defender etc. Keep in mind that not everyone can afford a gold plated Rolls Royce or department a $200000+++ "custom" pumper. At $100-120000 the choice is between a 5 year old used, big city, rode hard put up, wet cost no object, every complicated/expensive bell/whistle champagne budget truck or a NEW beer budget truck. In car terms Crap = Yugo does not at all equal Tarsus.

    We're thinking the new truck is the a much better value. But quite interested in observations based on 1st hand EXPERINCE with Defender, Contender (or comparable from smaller mfg).

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    Default Beer budget pumpers

    Well we bought a Luverne in 2000 on a Int'l commercial body
    for $145,000 with a Hale 1250gpm pump 1500gal tank, ROM rollups,
    and a few other extras and we like it.

    Well last year we needed a new engine and Luverne(after their deal
    w/Chicago) jacked their price up $50,000 more with less than what we ordered 2 yrs ago..basically a plain jane truck. So we went with KME
    we got everything we wanted and more for $175,000. And they would do anything to get a sell. We didn't like the sound on the Comercial cab airhorns..so they put the custom cab system on the truck no charge. And now everyone absolutely loves the KME. Our chief said all
    our new truck will be KME. If you want a look check this site out http://www.warrenfireequip.com/Madison%20Twp.htm

    Thats our new one.
    We had a great experience with KME not so good with Luverne
    they were not very customer oriented. We went down to KME with what we wanted then they kept us updated throughout. They also had suggestions with what we might need and it really didn't jack up the price if at all. This is the truck I drive when I'm on duty and I love it.

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