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    Lightbulb Getting Hired

    Seems more and more people interested in fire departments need to know somebody inside the department in order to get hired. I have a question for those firefighters who are more experienced that I am and have an idea on what exactly bigger departments are interested in. I am currently involved in a smaller fire department in New Mexico but am interested in trying out for the Boston Fire Department. I have been a volunteer firefighter for around 10 years and have been involved in a paid department for almost 4 years. I am currently a Lt. at the department I am at but would like to go to a larger scale FD. What more could I do to increase my chances of getting hired? Thanks

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    I'm not really sure how the process works in NM, but here in CO (most departments that I have seen anyway), who you know on the department has no bearing on whether you will get hired.

    As long as you have your EMT, you can apply to a lot of the departments in CO, and all of the big ones. Denver and Colorado Springs are hiring right now (or at least soon).

    The number one thing you can do to get yourself hired (provided you can pass the physical and written), is to work on your interview. That is the part of the process that will make or break your application. Good luck.


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    For Boston, you'll probably need to start by establishing at least a year of residency.

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    Default Veterans Taking Entry Level Tests

    I often hear comments like this one where seasoned firefighters test for entry level positions for another or larger department:

    I have been in the fire service for 20 years both vol and full time. Last year I had to relocate across the state, leaving my full time ff/pm position. It took me 10 years to get that job as a white male - Now I'mlooking over here and have been passed over several times for the younger people. I have all the credentials and the certs and still - I've been passed over! I think the testing should be thrown out if you have been working in this career for over 5 years, let's look at the resume and past employers!


    The biggest problem I've seen on oral boards with these seasoned veterans is they can't leave their time and rank in their locker and place themselves in the position they are applying for; that of being a snotty nose rookie. They try to hammer the oral board with their credentials thinking the board will just hand them the job. Their oral board's skills are rusty and antiquated. It's hard for them to remember how it was to be a rookie.

    It's not the younger candidates that are keeping them from getting the job. It's them! Presented correctly, there is no way a younger candidate can match their personal life and firefighting experience. This is a delicate balance here. You must be humble, place yourself in the rookie position and build a natural bridge to the oral board panel. Without this bridge, you're dead meat. This is not easy for many seasoned candidates. An attitude adjustment is needed. Attitude is a small thing that can make the big difference. Remember the position you're applying.

    The seasoned veteran candidate can roar past any of the other candidates if his attitude and game plan is in place.

    One of our candidates tested for the third time in Boston. He got 100% score on the written. He was ranked 161 after disabled and then veterans. Fortunetly he just got hired.

    "If your bent on revenge . . . You had better dig two graves".

    Because, "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

    For more on this topic go to the career article section of this web site by clicking here:

    "Captain Bob"
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