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    At my station, each active member is assigned to a duty night, which is once every 8 days. For about the past year or so we have been having trouble with people not showing up. We are still able to get trucks out due to "hang arounds" at the station - those dedicated members that help out whenever they can. There are a few members who run just about every call and pretty much cover the people who don't show up. Is there anything you all have done to motivate people to show up for duty?

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    We have the same problem, although I can't say it is an epidemic. We usually still manage to get pieces out the door. We don't have a full crew on duty for the fire apparatus, so we depend on people coming in anyway.

    Our constitution says that punishment for not showing up for duty is a work detail followed by suspension. Unfortunatly, it is either not enforced, or enforced selectively.

    It does create problems, people tend to say that if so-and-so doesn't have to make it out for duty, then why should I.

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