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    Default My Poem

    I wrote this about 9-11............

    The morning of the attack
    I was stunned, I was shocked
    I sat and watched as the Americans flocked
    Watching the news
    I was wondering why
    How could somebody be amused
    By destroying such beautiful buildings
    Towering so high
    People joined together
    Cleaning the mess
    Like it was light as a feather
    Trying to reach the victims in distress
    Firefighters scrambled to save their brothers
    For that day
    343 of them had left their mothers
    None of these men were ever to return
    Leaving so sudenly
    Leaving their families to stand there and yearn
    Wives with children
    Children with futures
    Problems that cant be fixed with your average sutures
    The days of the past
    They all seem to go by fast
    But you will always have that one day
    That in your mind
    Will never stray away
    That one day for me
    Is one where i had the least fun
    SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

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    id first like to say that, that was a good poem and im glad that i read it. poems like that keep the remebrance of 9-11 alive.
    -JEFF G

    Raritan Twp,NJ

    "Have Jaws, Will Travel"

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