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    We were awarded a grant and are now in the process of ordering and have received most of the stuff that we had applied for on our grant.

    My question is we are going to have some funds left over. We had applied for funds for new tone pagers but before we knew we were getting our grant our members decided to buy new handheld radios which each member is purchasing themselves. Can we take the money we got for the new pagers and buy something else. For example: we have several spare SCBA bottles that are of composite condstruction and are about to the end of their 15 year life. Can we use this money to purchase new bottles or do we need to contact FEMA and have them Ok this first.

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    Just attended the grant workshop in our area Saturday and the same question was presented to the FEMA rep. He said that FEMA does not want any money returned. He did say that you will haved to spend the left over funds in the program area that you applied. Of course, this is all AFTER you have called FEMA and advised them and discussed the additional purchases you would like to make. As long as you notify them and they okay it, spend away!

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    According to our FEMA workshop you have to go to your grant on the web and apply for an ammendment.

    Any changes need to be authorized by FEMA.
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