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    Default Taking the test...

    I've been mainly focusing on applying at Paid On Call stations locally, but it seems like I just can't win:

    -You live too far away.
    -We just closed station 2, sorry.
    -Our limit is 2-miles away, you're 3-miles away.
    -We just hired some new people.
    -Oh, you live too far away.

    But... I'm not giving up. I found a full-time department that doesn't require you to be a Paramedic/Firefighter II before hand. They will be testing this fall, so I want to start getting prepared now. I noticed it said:

    "Applicants: Must pass the following examinations:
    Orientation, Medical/Vision testing, Written, Oral, Polygraph, Psychological, Physical Agility testing, and a Police Background Check.

    I can understand some of that, but what do they ask on a polygraph, and what is the psychological portion all about? I know you can only do so much to be prepared, but I really want to do this and have all my ducks in a row. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Those psychological tests are really stupid. They are generally very long, and just continuously ask seemingly random multiple choice questions. They can then formulate your answers and tell you exactly what kind of person you are, and how many little boys you'd like to have sleep in your bed with you.

    Supposedly they can tell if you are giving them the answers you think they want to hear, but, on the only one I ever took, I did just that and passed without an issue.

    Play the game the way they want it played, once you get hired, you can bitch about it

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    Default Conquer the Psychological Interview

    An area of great concern is the psychological test. More agencies are using this test as part of the process. Unfortunately, Forty percent of candidates are not passing the psyche test! Imagine after all the education, experience and time preparing to get this job . . . and you're eliminated. Then no one will talk to you to find out what happened. I've talked to too many candidates who were devastated and didn't know what to do next. This is a critical part of the testing process you need to prepare for and pass the first time out.

    We spent over a year finding out the solution to this problem. Here's a segment from our Special Report "Conquer The Psychological Interview":

    You have been testing for three, five, or seven years to get a firefighter job, or you are testing for a promotional position in another department. You are finally in the hiring process. Youíve made it through the background check. Then, youíre conditionally offered the job pending the medical which includes a psychological test. You take the test, no big deal right? Then the phone stops ringing. You are out of the process. You are told that you didnít meet the profile. What profile?

    What do you mean I didnít meet the profile? Iíve got training, experience, education, every degree, certificate, merit badge, and a paramedic certification. Iíve been a volunteer, paid member of another department for 10 years, and lived and breathed this job. And, I donít meet the profile?

    The Personnel Department wonít talk to you. They say it was the psychologist who passed judgement. The psychologist wonít talk to you. You canít see the results of the test. You are devastated!

    The psychological test is changing the fire service. Sure there are some folks who have a lot of baggage and shouldít be hired. But most of the red-hotís, the back bone of the fire service, canít make it through the process. Surprisingly, the evaluations are based on the performance of those in already in the fire service.

    More and more agencies are using the psychological test in their hiring process. Psychologists are competing for this lucrative business and agencies feel they need the service to hire the right candidates. In one large department forty-percent of candidates were eliminated from the hiring process through the psychological tests. Fire administrations feel their hands are tied and get frustrated when they see a high percentage of their superior candidates that were eliminated by their psychological test and then being hired by other agencies.

    "Psychologists are given more power then they should," says Robert Thomas Flint, Ph.D., who sometimes does re-evaluations of potential peace officers and firefighters who have failed psychological tests. Although he tends to agree 40-50% of the original decisions were valid, he finds that another 30-50% of the rejected candidates are acceptable and can handle the job.

    Forty percent of candidates are not passing the psyche test! Imagine after all the education, experience and time preparing to get this job . . . and you're eliminated. Then no one will talk to you to find out what happened. I've talked to too many candidates who were devastated and didn't know what to do next.

    Did you know if you failed a psyche test you can request a second opinion? That's right. The psyche is part of the medical. It's covered under the ADA law. Most agencies don't know this.

    A large city fire department recently called in twelve candidates for the psychological interview. Only three passed. They sent in 6 more. Two passed. They sent another 6 more and again only two passed. Those candidates who passed were our guys. They got our special report, to know where the land mines were before they went in. Ask them if it was worth knowing the inside secrets?

    We have taken candidates who have failed four psyche tests, got our report, then passed their next psyche interview. This is serious business when you are finally offered a job conditionally on passing the medical; part of the medical is the psyche. You can taste that badge. You don't want to blow it when you get this close. Ask the nine candidates above whose dream vanished after their psyhe interview.

    "Just because your paranoid . . . doesn't mean they're not after you."

    Testimony from Scott:

    I took over thirty tests to get hired. At 32 years old, I thought I was getting too old to be hired. Three days before I was to take my next oral, I found "Captain Bob's" program. In just those few days I was able to make changes in my presentation to get the best score I'd ever had on an oral. I received information to go forward in the hiring process. Things moved pretty fast after that. "Captain Bob" cautioned me to slow down and take the process one step at a time. He was there to take my calls when I got crazy. He was right on every step of the process.

    I had already failed three psyche tests. I knew what I was doing wrong once I read his Special Report. I went in better prepared. I passed!

    I'm now working for a big, huge, awesome Class One Fire Department, riding one of the busiest engines in the nation.

    This from John:

    Captain Bob:

    A thousand thanks. You and Rob have my deepest gratitude. I began processing for our cities fire department last august. It was a grueling experience. I am 31 and felt this would be my only chance.

    I didn't find your web site until after my written exams, which I passed and made the cut mostly due to military preference. I read every article on your web site. I cut and pasted every notable nugget of advice. I studied them and applied your techniques. Although I didn't order your books I found a huge amount of FREE information on your site. I passed my physical agility.

    I was very nervous about the polygraph and spoke with Rob, who calmed me down and gave me great advice after reviewing my history. Both you and your son responded with great advice to several emails.

    I ordered your special report on physiological exams and felt so empowered during my exams it was a joke. It was like I was in their heads instead of the other way around. I passed all with flying colors.

    I got my call and today was my last day in my civilian job. I start academy on March 3rd and am the happiest man on the face of the earth. Thanks so much and God bless you.

    John, Springfield, Ohio

    For more on the psych, polygraph, and to check out the FREE 101 Inside Secrets How to Get a Badge that John used to gain his badge , click here:

    Captain Bob

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