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    Question Working in Underwater Resuce and Recovery???

    For someone just getting into EMS work, How does one go about working in Underwater Rescue and Recovery? What direction or what kind of training should one have? And can someone get the training on the job or is it up to the person to get the training on there own before they get into the field? I would really appericate any responce and help anyone can give. Thanks

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    If you are interested in "working" in Underwater Rescue and Recovery, you will have to find an agency that offers these services or justify this service to your current employer. Many fire departments provide a water rescue component to their special operations. Some employers will offer this training to their employees, others want you to get this training on your own. Again, it depends on your specific employer. (If you are looking for employment, you might ask about incentive pay, special teams and continuing education)

    Having Dive Rescue certification will help you get on a team and can boost your chances for employment. If you are trying to justify a team to the chief, and you already have the training, you might have a better chance "selling the idea."

    Dive Rescue International has almost 50 programs booked around the country and you might check their site to see if a program is offered in your area.
    Dive Rescue International - Training Calendar

    Good luck!

    Blades Robinson

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