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    Question How do I start working in the EMS field??

    I have a question for Veterans and Rookies, I am looking for a new career and I wanted some advise. I want to become an EMT-D and I dont know were to start, weather to join a volunteer fire department or take the EMT course at a college. Which will be faster? I know I need time and experance in the field. So I guess my question is which path is better for a Newbee breaking into a new field? Also were will I learn the most? Does anyone know of any schools in the New York/Long Island area that are good for taking the EMT course? Thanks for all the help.


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    Joining a volunteer department would help in experience wise, whether you would get your EMT any faster, that would be depend on courses offered in that area...

    As far as schools check with the department of EMS for your area, they should have a list of schools that teach EMT..

    Good luck to you....

    feel free to search the forum and ask questions.. People in here are more than willing answer your questions..

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    To work in the EMS field don't you need to learn to drive an ambulance and push a cot for the engines company.

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    Here's a link to EMS classes in Nassau Co. The site has a link to the Suffolk Co Regional EMS Council as well
    Not sure if you have to be associated with a fire/ambulance department for these or if you can pay to walk in. Most fire depts/ambulance corps will pay for members to attend the class, although each dept has different criteria (length of service, etc). The only other advice I have is that if you join a fire dept to get the EMT training, don't run out on them after a year or so when you get a job out of it.

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