As a member of my departments Fire Safety Inspection Department we have recently seen the number of Plasma Televisions in our area on the climb... And some very interesting questions have come up that the manufacturers don't seem to know the answer to.

If a Plasma Television is broken:

1. Do the chemicals pose any sort of extraordinary fire hazzard?

2. If there is fire involvment, will the chemicals affect the fire?

3. Would the chemicals be harmful to personel and/or equipment? And if so, what would the deconamination isses be?

4. What are the medical considerations of direct contact (ie. a child breaks the TV and gets the chemicals on his/her hands... hands into mouth).

We have contacted several manufacturers of these units and not only did they not know the answer but thier common response was "Gee, no one has ever asked us that before!"

I am posting this in hopes that someone might have some information that could shed some light on this.