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    Default Training responsibilities and department politics, I'd like your opinion

    I am the department training officer for a small vfd. I am also an instructor. We are in the midst of a firefighter I & II combination class and I asked our depatment chief for permission to hold practice sessions at our department. We have two members in the class. He said yes. We held three practice sessions which were announced to the entire class as a "you all come down and practice, we will all be working together sooner or later in a mutual aid type situation." My chief showed up at two of the sessions for a few minutes. At our last business meeting, he stated that the fire board heard we were having practice sessions (which I found out from people at the board meeting that this did not happen) and that they were to stop right now and that there would never be a multidepartmental training there again. At the same time he encouraged everyone to come up and train anytime and as much as they want. When I questioned the fact that I should know about these private trainings as I am the training officer and when it hits the fan they will be coming for me he shot me down right now and fast. We have a great amount of back doo politics going on around the department with the chief being the first one through that back door. Where do I stand on the responsibility issue?

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    Are there written SOP/SOG for the department on offices and their responsibilities? If so, follow them. If not, you probably aren't liable as there is no policy on who actually does the training and the "training officer" title is just that, a title. Basically, it sounds like your situation sucks. If there aren't SOP/SOG, then get some written. Good Luck.
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