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    Default Inspections: what type and is there a fee?

    In light of the recent national tragedies at at nightclubs in Chicago and West Warwick, RI, I was curious to know if any of your departments conduct inspections. If so, what type and do you charge for the service?
    If you weren't conducting inspections, are you going to now?
    I saw in the Peoria Journal Star that the Peoria Fire Department are going to do nightclub inspections during PEAK times for patrons. They would be the first in this area to do it in that fashion. Everyone else seem to do them from eight to five.
    Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Art, we don't do anything here. There's only a couple of places that would qualify, but that's no reason not to do it.

    What am I interested in(concerned with?) is what training to we have to have to do this? What enforcement power do we need? What is our exposure/liability when done right/wrong? Of course, I am referring specifically to IL here.
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    Our department inspects everything except residential. The companies inspect light commercial and offices. The FPB inspects all others, industrial, any food prep areas etc. We also test all of the sprinkler systems in town with the exception of fire pumps and foam systems, they need to send paperwork in to the FPB.

    Any building with a required system has to have an outside strobe and a key box

    We don't charge anything for company inspections or alarm tests

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