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    Our Dept. is probably one of the very few that still wear long turnout coats and 3/4 boots. I am looking for information on the positives and negatives on turnout gear. Also info on specific brands would help out alot too. Such as why one brand is better than the other. If you have used several brands and can compare them I would like to know that also. Thanks ahead of time.
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    Well I have a pretty good idea where you're from. There are pros and cons to full bunker gear. I like the idea that you should be allowed to make an informed decision based on what you prefer. I prefer 3/4 boots but I have adapted over the years. We were able to choose up until about 5 or 6 years ago. We dont have to wear them on all fire calls, just structure fires. In the summertime pants definately take a toll on you quicker. There is no argument that you are better protected from burns with the pants. Cicero just switched over inth elast few months and they hate the pants. Some people have always worn them and would never dream of doing it differently. I am more of a "fence rider" on the subject. I see both sides, but lean towards the boots. I like Bostons policy.

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