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    Default Station fire, et al.

    Welp, I figure the subject's been about beaten to death in this and other means, media, and forums, but if any RIers out there feel the need to hash anything out regarding The Station fire, the aftermath, inspections, etc. might as well do it here.

    Me personally, I attended the funeral today for the fiance of a co-worker who was killed, the bassist for Fathead, the band that opened for Great White. Really really nice guy, the first one to treat her like gold after a string of @$$holes.

    I'm gradually starting to not dwell on the fact that if it weren't for Thursday night television, I probably would've been with helping him pack his gear when the fire broke out. Since he and 2 other members of his band did not survive, I don't put my chances very high in that scenario.

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    I would like to say something. I think the fact that the families of the victims are trying to sue fire inspectors is a bunch of bull****. Those parents should have taken some responsibility and been home taking care of their kids rather than drinking it up in some night club. How stupid can you get? I haven't been this fired up about something like this for awhile but this situation is just full of things that **** me off. Those victim's greedy families just need to get out of the lawyers office and get back to the trailer park.

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    One of the family members that are suing has said he hasn't seen or talked to his father that was killed in 15 years or so. He is suing because he said someday they may have had a relationship.

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