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    Exclamation Another fyi brought to you by way of me...of course


    just a little fyi, please be aware of what you write about and who or what you are writing about. Also be mindful of who is going to read it and possibly take great offense to what was written. I have seen it destroy someone's plans for the future and its not pretty to see.
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    Default You scared me

    for a moment,tell me more about it.Is not this country so well known,because of the FREEDOM OF SPEECH?That was something,what was not alowed in my country,and the punishment?No future for you!!Is this country now going backwards,or the forum,only.Or is that yours opinium ,only????Just curious,no offense

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    Baudyna, in the Rodina you did not have the freedom to express your opinion. Here, you do, sometimes we wonder why it is allowed, but we have to remember that many died trying to preserve that very freedom.

    Shaun191, common sense should dictate whether to post something or not. Some people have not used their heads and aired their FD's dirty laundry here. Others have pushed the limits and ended up getting banned for personal attacks

    If it is not true, you can hurt many people. Sometimes people will take offense to what is written...the same freedom that allows us free speech also allows us to express our opinions, ie, the controversy over the book "The Deconstruction of Ground Zero" (I take offense to what was written there).

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    Gonzo spelled it out correctly, and in my belief, clearly!

    There is one thing I'd like to add; When expressing your opinion, remember it is just that, and it is not necessary to take offense to.......ignor it if you must or disagree within yourself rather then cause an over-reaction.

    Very rarely do we see "FACTS"----- as in the book mentioned previously....it is based on "what was told me!" not facts. Every Author has a right to sell their books, keep in mind, unless it's a Documentry, it is basically opinion, and in some cases supposition. Because "I read that" prevails, doesn't mean it's correct information. Passing on the same is indeed damaging......so as forwarned, USE YOUR HEAD!
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