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    I was wondering what you all wear for fire fighting gloves? Are there any gloves that are not big and baulky. What's a good overhaul glove?
    Thanks for the help.

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    I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as a firefighting glove that isn't big and bulky. For overhaul I use Mechanix gloves, great for packing hose or other small tasks. I use the FastFit Mechanix Glove, but I would also recommend the Originial glove.

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    I recently bought 2 pr. of Ecilpse gloves from Darley Fire Equipment. These fit really good, these have shorter fingers and which makes it easier to pick up things. They are kind of bulky but I think all gloves are. I have bought dozens of prs.of all different brands and these are some of the best. GOOD LUCK

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    I use morning prides glove for firefighting and for overhaul. For station use I use a $2.50 pair of stone masons gloves. They are the best for rolling hose. They themselves roll up really compact and stow away in a pocket of my coat well.
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    Cool Gloves

    Well like was said all FF gloves are bulky, I am in charge
    of gear and stuff for or department. And we have found
    the the Fire Fighter gloves can't tell you the Manufacture
    but they say "Firefighter" on the tops are the best. We have
    tried about every type out their. You just need to find a kind
    you like and stick with them.

    I agree with the Mechanix gloves for auto extrication and other
    duties, I have personally worn out one pair. They are great
    for this kind of stuff.
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