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    Default Volunteer Protection

    Does anybody know of any laws protecting volunteer Fire/EMS personelle from getting fired or other disciplinary action against them for responding to calls or missing work due to calls? Any help would be great, also if you happen to know if New Hampshire has similar laws.
    This statements made above do not represent the agency i belong to in any shape or form. So if i say something stupid its just me.

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    The best thing you can do is check with your state's Department of Labor. If you don't know how to contact them call your local state legislator's office.

    I don't know how many states have that coverage but we do have it here in PA. As long we the member gets a note from a chief officer the employer should not take any action. It doesn't mean the employer can't make life miserable for the volunteer.
    Steve Dragon
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    Personally I have not heard of anything specific but would also like to know as I feel that some sort of legislation should be introduced to address this issue since Vermont relies so heavily on volunteer and paid on call depts.

    As member of management however I also understand that there is a fine line to be followed and the right balance needs to be struck in some manner.

    One way I have thought and what I have mentioned to my employer - I will respond to confirmed structure fires, auto alarms at schools, nursing homes and certain industrial occupancies with just about anything else only on a second transmission of tones. However, I will never "strand" a customer or walk out of a meeting common sense needs to prevail.

    Since I am on a salary and do not "punch a clock" it may not be quit the same, however I always have made up the time lost usually within a day or two of the incident

    I feel that this is something that the VSFA should take up with the legislators.
    Brian K. Savage
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